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Arduino Voice commands module
26/12/2021 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
A module that could store 254 voice commands and you can use 7 at the same time and import any of them. Very useful for robotics. Easy to use with Arduino and UART. Module from ELECHOUSE

Homemade Huge Nixie Tube
27/11/2021 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
Homemade and 3D printed nixie tube with LED strip filament. Controlled with Arduino and serial communication. Real glass without vacuum.

Arduino Automatic Cat Feeder - 3D Printed
14/11/2021 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
Make a homemade automatic feeder for cat food that has a diplay timer and portions control. It is 3D printed and uses a servo motor to fred the dry food.

Arduino Thermistor Temperature read
17/10/2021 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
How to measure temperature with Arduino and a 3950 thermistor of 100K or 10K and a 4.7K pullup resistor. Above 200ÂșC using thermistor.h library.

Homemade Reflow Hot Plate V2 - Better?
16/10/2021 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
Very low cost reflow hot plate for soldering SMD components with solder paste. Is homemade and made with Arduino a SSR relay a thermistor and a 220V AC heater aluminum plate. The case is 3D printed.

Arduino Bluetooth Nunchuch - Balancing Robot or anything else
02/10/2021 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
Get the data from the i2c Nunchuch joystick and send it usign the Arduino and the HC-05 Bluetooth module. It will send 5 commands.

Balancing Robot With Mini PCB and Arduino
02/10/2021 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
MPU6050 gyro and PID control with stepper motors. Balancing robot with Arduino and PCB and TMC stepper driver. Homeamde 3D printed body and Bluetooth remote.

Shocking Game - Lie detector | 3D printed
06/09/2021 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
A game that uses High Voltage to "zap" players. A player is picked at random and zapped uisng some flyback high voltage transformers of low power. The case is 3D printed, it uses rechargable batteries with a TP4056 charger, it has a speaker and DF player for sounds and addressable LEDs.

Battery Portable Soldering Iron - PCB and Code
13/08/2021 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
Homemade fully portable soldering iron with a battery inside taht could melt solder in under 10 seconds. See the schematic, the code and the PCB and make a digital soldering ironj yourself It is also based on Arduino and you can always improve the code.

Arduino101 - All About ADCs | REGISTERs
03/07/2021 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
Learn all the blocks of the Arduino internal ADC. All the registers and bits and how to make a measurement. Also how to use the internal temperature sensor.

Homemade Reflow Hot plate for SMD components
26/06/2021 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
Solder SMD components on the PCB with solder paste and the stencil using this homemade Reflow hot palte made with a chlotes iron and a solid state relay.

STM32 Radio Controller | NRF24 + NEXTION Display & 3D PRINTED Case
20/06/2021 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
Homemade 7 channel Radio controller with STM32 microcontroller and the NRF24 radio module. It has a 3D printed case and NEXTION touchscreen.

Homemade Automatic Paste Dispenser
11/06/2021 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
Automatic solder paste dispenser with Arduino, a DC motor with gear and OLED display to select the time and amount of paste to push out. The case is 3D printed.

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