30 FPS Video on SSD1106 OLED Display

I wondered if the SSD1106 can be used for more than text & simple graphics. After a bit of overclocking I managed to stream video at 30 FPS.

12 days ago | by: saadsaif0333

Microwave oven design and manufacturing have been optimized to the point where the once-expensive appliances are now nearly disposable. Despite the economics, though, some people can’t resist fixing stuff, especially when you get a chance to do it in style. Thus we present this microwave repair with its wholly unnecessary yet fabulous adornments.

12 days ago | by: Dan Maloney
DIY Smartphone LoRa Connection

Here's how to connect your phone to a LoRa module using standard components you can buy everywhere, along with an example chat program. This project will help you create a connection between your phone and a LoRa module using the USB port and an Arduino Lilypad USB. There is an example chat app for point to point communication, and, you can modify it to make even a TTN sensor out of a smartphone :)

25 days ago | by: pulsartronic
Numitron Clock

This project is a Numitron Clock based on an Arduino Nano, a DS3231 RTC, some ws2812b RGB LEDs and four shift registers to drive the Numitron tubes. The clock was built as a cheap and easy alternative to a Nixie clock.

1 month ago | by: Jelto

[Tom Stanton] has been playing Microsoft Flight Simulator a lot recently, and decided his old desktop joystick needed an upgrade. Instead of just replacing it with a newer commercial model, he built a complete controller system with a long joystick that pivots at floor level, integrated rudder pedals and a throttle box. You can see it in action after the break.

1 month ago | by: Tom Stanton
ATtiny85 Mini PCB Violin

Designing and building this tiny violin was a fun way to experiment with building my own microcontroller development board from scratch, as I've been meaning to do for a while. So I'll be documenting the whole process here, from PCB design to programming the microcontroller.

1 month ago | by: Alexandra Covor
Seeed Fusion Sponsoring Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 for Businesses and Individuals

To celebrate and support the release of the new Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4, Seeed is sponsoring businesses and individuals using the Compute Module 4 in their designs or when designing custom carrier boards.

1 month ago | by: ELECTRONOOBS
Arduino Altair 8800 Game Simulator

Ever wanted to play with the computer that sparked the personal computer age but don't have the cash to buy an Altair? Build your own!

1 month ago | by: David Hansel
Homemade Meeseeks Box

I picked up a bunch of these Google AIY Voice Kits for $5 from MicroCenter and decided it was time for a Meeseeks Box.

1 month ago | by: Ryan Gill
Explorer Uno PCB Template - Design Your Own!

Go beyond the Arduino with this customizable Uno template. Take your prototypes to the next level! If you’re like us, you spend a lot of time prototyping new projects, starting with a breadboard, a handful of jumper wires, and whatever microcontroller seems to be an ideal fit for your vision. But there is something about the breadboard that feels unfinished.

1 month ago | by: Patchr
Battery Level Indicator using LM3914

A Battery level indicator (Battery Guage) is an electronic measuring instrument that indicates the immediate voltage level of any DC battery

2 months ago | by: Circuit DIY

Program a small Arduino Using A bigger Arduino to Display a Scrolling Text Without a Library. Sony Spresense or Arduino Uno are not that expensive and don't require a lot of power. However, if your project has limitation on power, space, or even budget, you may want to consider using Arduino Pro Mini. 

2 months ago | by: Majed Abouhatab, P.E.

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