On our favourite low-attention-span content site, [Kelly Heaton] has recently started sharing a series of “Printed Circuit Birds”. These are PCBs shaped like birds, looking like birds and chirping like birds – and they are fully analog! The sound is produced by a network of oscillators feeding into each other, and, once tuned, is hardly distinguishable from the bird songs you might hear outside your window.

13 hours ago | by: Arsenijs Picugins
4 Things You Should Know About 3D Printer Power Supply

Sensitive devices are ticking time-bombs in residential or commercial spaces with unreliable electrical supplies. With power-hungry 3D printers, it won't take long before you realize that an old building with a failing power system is the least you'd want to be in

5 days ago | by: ELECTRONOOBS
Pirani vacuum gauge controller with Arduino

In theory, a Pirani gauge is a very simple device for measuring the pressure of a gas within a container, as it consists of a heated metal wire that loses heat as the pressure increases internally. With this value now known, the electrical resistance can be measured and used to determine the precise pressure of a given gas. 

7 days ago | by: ARDUINO TEAM

It seems like creating a vacuum should be a pretty easy job, but it turns out that sucking all the air out of something is harder than it seems. A cheap vacuum pump will get you part of the way there, but to really pull a hard vacuum, you need an oil diffusion pump that costs multiple tens of thousands of dollars.

11 days ago | by: Dan Maloney

Most of us have beheld the sonic glory of an Atari Punk Console, that lo-fi synth whose classic incarnation is a pair of 555 timers set up to warble and bleep in interesting ways. Very few of us, however, have likely seen an APC built from 555s that are made from vacuum tubes.

13 days ago | by: Dan Maloney

Back during the 2019 Superconference in Pasadena, I had the chance to go to Northrop Grumman’s Redondo Beach campus to get a look at the James Webb Space Telescope.

19 days ago | by: Dan Maloney
Homemade Tarot Robot with a Pi

For Christmas secret Santa, Estefannie made once again an amazing gift. She designed all the tarot cards, made a cool script for shuffle and the robot is able to select a random card and read you your future. All inside a homemade wood encloser with a spooky and vintage look. 

28 days ago | by: ELECTRONOOBS
Mini Power Station

The board accepts various input choices: USB-C (5-20V), Standard USB (5V), Li-ion Battery (3.7V and higher), Lead Acid Battery (6V to 24V)  it provides multiple outputs at the same time with different polarity as (3.3V, 5V, +12V, -12V and adjustable). You can get two adjustable outputs. It can supply loads with a high current reaching 1.5A

1 month ago | by: Walid Issa
12-Layer PCB Actuator Kit

Flexar's 12-layer PCB actuator is a fascinating device. As the name implies, it is a 12-layer printed circuit board with coil patterns on each layer. In this video, Carl Bugeja demonstrates five applications for Flexar 12L.

1 month ago | by: James Lewis
Arduino machine winds Tesla coils automatically

Winding a single strand of wire onto a cylinder when creating a homemade coil can be a very tedious process, and worse, the spacing between each rotation is inconsistent or has overlaps rather than a smooth, even surface. To make things a bit more easier and efficient, YouTuber Mr. Innovative created a DIY machine that accomplishes the task with very little human involvement. 

3 months ago | by: ARDUINO TEAM

If you have trouble staying focused and getting work done, the Pomodoro Technique of working in 25-minute intervals with 5-minute breaks is pretty hard to beat. The only problem is that it requires a lot of input from the user, and all that timer-setting can get in the way of actually getting down to business. 

3 months ago | by: Kristina Panos
Thingiverse Data Leak Affects 228,000 Subscribers

Thingiverse, a website dedicated to sharing user-created digital design files, has reportedly leaked a 36GB backup file that contains 228,000 unique email addresses and other personally identifiable information, confirms Troy Hunt, creator of the Have I Been Pwned data breach notification service, citing the circulation of this data set on a popular hacking forum.

3 months ago | by: Mihir Bagwe

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