OLED Rotary Dial

The 128×64 I2C/SPI OLED display is often included in a myriad of projects that need some way to show data, including text, shapes, or basic graphs. YouTuber ‘upir’ was able to take this concept one step further by turning his graphic OLED screen into a virtual circular dial that can respond in real-time to an external potentiometer connected to an Arduino Uno using the U8glib library.

9 days ago | by: ARDUINO TEAM

If you wonder how it’s possible to fit a fitness tracker into a ring, well, you’re not alone. [Becky Stern] sent one off to get CT scanned, went at it with a rotary tool, and then she made a video about it.

9 days ago | by: Elliot Williams
Arduino device uses tinyML to help wearers recover from shoulder injury

Shoulder injuries can be quite complex and require months of careful physical therapy to overcome, which is what led to Roni Bandini to build a tinyML-powered wearable that monitors a patient’s rotator cuff movements to aid in the recovery process. His system is designed around a Nano 33 BLE Sense and its onboard accelerometer that measures both the types and frequencies of certain shoulder motions. 

2 months ago | by: ARDUINO TEAM
How to order Full PCB Assembly Service

If you want to order an SMT service you must follow this guide. Get all the components soldered automatcially to your PCB and receive the final product. Like that you can sell your PCBs. 

2 months ago | by: ELECTRONOOBS
Homemade air hockey table

The classic tabletop game of air hockey has existed in its current form for decades, and while it can be fun initially, the lack of exciting components can make it dull after a while. So, in order to exercise his creative and technical skills, Silas Hansen decided to create his own spin on the game by making an air football table. 

2 months ago | by: ARDUINO TEAM
James Bruton’s self-balance robot

Omni wheels, sometimes referred to by the trademarked Mecanum name, are special wheels lined with rollers. Thanks to the orientation of the rollers, a vehicle equipped with four omni wheels (each driven independently) can move in any direction by vectoring each wheel relative to the others. A typical setup includes four omni wheels, but James Bruton proved that even a single one is useful when he built this strange self-balancing bicycle robot.

3 months ago | by: ARDUINO TEAM
PCB coils for Transformer

Those readers who have experimented with winding their own inductors will know that it’s not an easy task, and when those inductors are handling high voltages it can be especially tricky to maintain adequate insulation between layers of windings.

3 months ago | by: Jenny List
Metal Detector - Detects Rock Music

After learning about the basics of embedded ML, industrial designer and educator Phil Caridi had the idea to build a metal detector, but rather than using a coil of wire to sense eddy currents, his device would use a microphone to determine if metal music is playing nearby. 

3 months ago | by: ARDUINO TEAM
ESP32 Open Source Smart Watch

This ESP32 powered watch packs a gorgeous circular 240×240 TFT display, DS323M RTC, BMA400 three-axis accelerometer, and a 450 mAh battery inside of a 3D printed enclosure that can be produced on your average desktop machine. WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity are a given with the ESP32, but there’s also an enhanced edition of the PCB that adds another 4 MB of RAM, a micro SD slot, and a Quectel L96 GPS receiver.

3 months ago | by: ELECTRONOOBS
3D Printed Robot Dog

Paul Gould has a Youtube Channel, Instagram account, Hackaday Blog and more, and he usually shares content about 3D printed servo actuators and robot dogs. His last design looks awesome and quite professional. He made the PCB to encode the rotation and the 3D design of the legs for a robodog. 

3 months ago | by: ELECTRONOOBS
60W DIY power bank

The advent of USB-C and the power delivery (PD) standard have allowed for a single cable to carry both large amounts of data and power for a wide range of devices. So, while looking for a PD-capable power bank for his laptop but only coming across expensive units, Instructables user Toby Chui decided to make his own — with additional improvements, of course.

3 months ago | by: ARDUINO TEAM

On our favourite low-attention-span content site, [Kelly Heaton] has recently started sharing a series of “Printed Circuit Birds”. These are PCBs shaped like birds, looking like birds and chirping like birds – and they are fully analog! The sound is produced by a network of oscillators feeding into each other, and, once tuned, is hardly distinguishable from the bird songs you might hear outside your window.

4 months ago | by: Arsenijs Picugins

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