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When the microwave oven started to gain popularity in the 60s and 70s, supporters and critics alike predicted that it would usher in the end of cooking as we knew it. 


When it comes to things that hackers build, PCBs are a sizeable portion of our creative output. It’s no wonder – PCB design is a powerful way to participate in the hardware world, making your ideas all that more tangible with help of a friendly PCB fab.

13 days ago | by: Arya Voronova

Typically, when you’re putting electronics in a robot, you install the various controller PCBs into the robot’s chassis. But what if the PCB itself was the chassis? Carl Bugeja’s latest design explores just that idea.

13 days ago | by: Lewin Day
Is Hydrogen Car the Future?

Learn how to make the Electrolysis process and obtgain Hydrogen and Oxygen. Them learn how a fuel cell works and create electical energy using those gases. A fuel cell creates electricity using hydrogen. The hydrogen car works with fuel cells.

13 days ago | by: ELECTRONOOBS
TactorBots, a complete toolkit

So much of the research and development in the area of haptic feedback focuses on universal devices that can create a wide range of tactile sensations.

21 days ago | by: Arduino Team
The Use of Flex and Rigid-Flex PCBs in High-Reliability Applications

Flex and rigid flex PCBs are gaining popularity in high-reliability applications due to their unique characteristics. These types of PCBs offer flexibility and versatility that cannot be achieved with traditional rigid PCBs, making them an ideal choice for complex and high-reliability applications. This article will elaborate on flex and rigid-flex PCBs in high-reliability applications.

1 month ago | by: ELECTRONOOBS
Why does a MOS tube produce heat when its internal resistance is low

The three FET poles, Source, Drain, and Gate, are represented by the letters S, D, and G respectively (here, we do not talk about gate GOX breakdown, but only for drain voltage breakdown).

3 months ago | by: ELECTRONOOBS
James Bruton’s robot centipede of many legs

Strangely, no centipede has exactly 100 legs. They can have either more or fewer than 100 legs, but not exactly 100 because they always have an odd number of pairs. Sadly, that means that James Bruton’s centipede robot is anatomically incorrect — though cool nonetheless.

3 months ago | by: ELECTRONOOBS
Desulfate A Battery? (2 Effective Methods)

It doesn’t matter whether you own a small UPS system or a huge, expensive car. The sulfation of lead-acid batteries can render your gadgets useless.

3 months ago | by: ELECTRONOOBS
Program an Attiny85 From an Arduino Uno

Quick tutorial showing how to program the ATtiny85 from the Arduino IDE with the help of the Arduino Uno!

4 months ago | by: ELECTRONOOBS
The Role Of Plasma Surface Treatment In Home Electronics Improvement

With the abundance of materials present in making our society functional, their quality and
durability are inevitably crucial. Unfortunately, numerous solids have low surface energy,
resulting in poor adhesive properties and reaction to moisture. Luckily, teams of experts have
collectively been extending their efforts to improve these elements that make up our

5 months ago | by: ELECTRONOOBS
The Magnetron -How It Works

The cavity magnetron is a high-power vacuum tube used in early radar systems and currently in microwave ovens and linear particle accelerators. 

6 months ago | by: ELECTRONOOBS

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PCBWAY PCB service

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