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High Voltage Boost Converter MAX1771 Driver
08/11/2020 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
See the schematic of a high voltage boost converter for NIXIE tubes with the MAX1771 driver. This can boost voltage from 5V to 170V. Circuit and results.

How CFL works. Compact Electronic Ballast
08/11/2020 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
See how the electronic ballast circuit works, what components it has, how to create the high frequency high voltage and more...

How fluorescent light tube work - The Ballast
08/11/2020 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
See how the ballast circuit works, how to create the current path, how the tube glows with mercury inside and more...

Homemade Bluetooth PC Headphones
20/08/2020 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
See how to make the 3D printed case, make the circuit, amplify sound and select speakers, receive music from Bluetooth transmitter and make the homeamde headphones.

Arduino LM358 Op Amp PWM to Voltage Converter
18/06/2020 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
Arduino analog output with low pass filter and amplifier for voltage control with PWM signal and capacitor. We use the LM234 or the LM358 with PWM signal from Arduino and low pass filter.

17/06/2020 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
How to set the output voltage of the LM317, resistor calculator and configuration settings. Current limit and more!

Homemade Powerful SMOKE MACHINE
15/05/2020 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
See the circuit of this project, the part list we need with links and then the entire process of making the smoke machine. It works at 220V AC and it is very powerful!

Constant load controller OPAMP circuit + LCD
10/05/2020 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
Here you can see how to make the analog version of a homemade constant load/current controller. Be able to set current values down to 0.01mA. Show the setpoint and real value on an LCD using an 16 bits ADC.

Battery charger, protection and boost PCB
25/04/2020 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
A PCB that has all the ICs on it to charge a 3.7V Li-Po or Li-ion battery but also protect it for over charge/discharge, short circuit and the PCB also has a 5V and 12V boost converter output.

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