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Basic Circuits 3/5

Electric motors, how they work...

See all types of electric motors. DC, AC, stepper, brushless or brushed, indcution motor, synchronous and more..
Circuit breaker: RCCB - Residual Current Circuit Breaker

How the RCCB or Residual Current Circuit Breaker works? What we have inside and why we use this safety circuit breaker in our home?
Circuit breaker: MCB - Miniature circuit breaker

How the MCB or miniature circuit beaker works? What we have inside and why we use this safety circuit breaker in our home?
Transformer Construction

A simple two-winding transformer construction consists of each winding being wound on a separate soft iron limb or core which provides the necessary magnetic circuit
Basic Transformers Theory

Learn about transformers which are electrical devices consisting of two or more coils of wire used to transfer electrical energy by means of a changing magnetic field.
VFD - Frecuency control for Inverter circuit

A few months ago we've seen an inverter circuit but that was witha fixed frequency. Now, we add frequency control to that same circuit.
VFD - Variable Frequency Driver

See the circuit of a VFD prototype. Scheamtic amde with Arduino. Voltage rectifier, then we control the AC output with a H-bridge and control the frequency of the high voltage.
Order SMT service from JLCPCB

If you want to order SMT service for JLCPCB see this short tutorial. I hope it will help you. Is quite easy and amazing to receive all the PCBs with al the components soldered in place.
Infrared audio transmission

See the circuit I will use to send audio signal uisng IR light instead of electricity. I will use this setup for my Tesla coil circuit. See the transmitter and receiver circuits.
TESLA coil configurations

See a few configurations for a tesla coil. The gap besed circuit and other Slayer Exciter circuits. See how to get the high voltage for the coil and more theory.
Flyback DC to DC converter circuit

See how the Flyback converter works. See the circuit and theory and a few examples. Is quite easy. How the transformer acts as a coupled inductor.
Crystal and ceramic resonator + Oscillator

Crystal or ceramic resonator and then we have the oscillator. What is the difference between these 3 elements, why we need them in our circuits, how each of these works and what configurations do we have.
Serial communication I2C, SPI, UART

The transistor - BJT, MOSFET, IGBT

This article will help you understand the different types of power semiconductors: how they work, their key parameters, and trade-offs and we will compare the MOSFET, IGBT and BJT. See more...
DIY induction heater

Let's see how this kind of induction heating works, then see the schematics and finally we mount a homemade version and see it work. See more...
DIY magnetic levitator kit + Schematic

I've ordered one of these magnetic levitation kits. I've made reversed engineering and get a working circuit. See how these modules work. See more...
How Thyristors & TRIACs work...

Another basic components tutorial. Let's see how Thyristors and TRIACs work and how we control pwoer by sending short pulses at the gate in a precise time interval. See more...
DIY Bluetooth portable speaker

I've made another portable Bluetooth speaker, a version V2.0. The last one had a lot of errors. This has an 160W amplifier, huge 6S battery pack with rechargable circuit, volume control and more. See more...

Basic#1 - Wheatstone bridge

Some basic info and formulas about the Wheatstone bridge. See how it works and why we use it.
Homemade electric screwdriver

This is a very simple project. I've designed a 3D printed case for the electric screwdriver, it uses a DC motor with gear system, H bridge to control rotation and a Li-ion battery.

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