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Arduino Pin Change Interruptions
12/12/2020 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
In this tutorial I show you how use the pin change interruptions and make the code a lot faster. See the registers, the vector ISR and more...

Arduino Nixie Tube Control with BJT transistors
22/11/2020 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
How to Control a Nixie Tube with Discrete Transistors and Arduino working at gigh voltage.

Arduino Port Register Control
31/10/2020 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
Full tutorial on how to control the Arduino UNO ports using register. Port register manipulation. Set pins as output/input DDRD, set pin to high or low PORTD, or read inputs with the PIN register.

Relay Control with 433Mhz radio - Ultra low power remote
17/10/2020 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
See how to make the remote controller very low power (90uA) and last for years. Make 433Mhz radio connection. Power the receiver from 220V with very small regulator. Control a relay with a push of a button remotely.

Arduino Internal Comparator Tutorial
27/08/2020 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
See how to set up the registers and bits in order to control the internal comparator the Arduino UNO has on pin D6 and analog pins A0 to A7.

Burn Bootloader to Custom made PCB
24/07/2020 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
I've made this PCB with the ATmega328p-AU. In case it doesn't have bootloader, learn here how to burn it with Arduino IDE.

Arduino Homemade E-Bike Brushed ESC
23/07/2020 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
Learn how to make this DIY Brushed DC motor electronic speed controller with PWM control, current limit, speed limit and break input plus indicators.

Arduino Rotary Encoder Simple Example (interruptions)
29/06/2020 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
Use a rotary encoder with the Arduino with clock and data pins and count positions. Increase or decrease the counter when we rotate the encoder. Then we see an example using interruptions so the code will work better.

Arduino and Keypad tutorial
27/06/2020 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
A keypad is a nice simple method of accepting user input into your project. These come in a number of styles and generally there are 2 types a 3×4 keypad and a 4×4 keypad. The numbers stand for the rows and columns, so a 3×4 keypad has 3 columns and 4 rows.

Homemade Digital Electronic Load | Multiple Modes
27/06/2020 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
See how to make a digital electronic load. Homemade DIY circuit using a power MOSFET. It can have constant load, current and power. It has a LCD and a rotary encoder for the menu. See full tutorial, part list and schematic with Arduino.

Arduino DFplayer mp3 sounds
25/06/2020 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
Very easy, control sounds from a SD card in an mp3 format. Play sound, stop, pause, replay, etc. All using a UART connection with the Arduino and only 2 wires and a small library.

Arduino humidity moisture sensor
24/06/2020 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
In this tutorial I am going to talk about the HL-69 module, a soil moisture sensor that uses the conductivity between two terminals to determine certain parameters related to water, liquids and humidity.

ATtiny85 Game Console PCB
19/06/2020 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
See the schematic of this ATtiny85 based gaming console. Get the PCB files, see how to solder everything and how to upload each code to the ATtiny chip. Play!

Arduino MCP4725 DAC Tutorial
18/06/2020 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
To give more power to Arduino board DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) we have a detailed Arduino DAC Tutorial. Here DAC IC MCP4725 based breakout board is used because it is 12-Bit Digital-to-Analog Converter with EEPROM Memory, this IC utilize low power and gives high accuracy output.

Arduino ACS712 current sensor example
15/06/2020 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
After a few attempts I've made the final version of this brushed DC motors based drone. It is programed in Arduino and it uses the NRF24 radio controller from a previous tutorial. The KIT includes both the drone PCB and the radio controller.

Brushed Arduino Drone V5.1 (KIT format)
24/05/2020 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
After a few attempts I've made the final version of this brushed DC motors based drone. It is programed in Arduino and it uses the NRF24 radio controller from a previous tutorial. The KIT includes both the drone PCB and the radio controller.

Strain Gauge and DIY Arduino Scale
14/05/2020 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
We learn how a "strain gauge" works, how to pass from resistance changes to voltage values and read that with an ADC and then how to use these with a load cell and create a precision homemade scale.

IoT ESP8266 Door Open Alarm
03/05/2020 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
We detect the door open with a hall sensor. We send the data to a database with the ESP8266. Then we send a mail to our own accoun so we could know that somebody opened the door from anywhere in the world.

Homemade Acrylic display with LEDs

Homemade display that uses Acrylic boards with engraved numbers and RGB LEDs from below in order to show all the numbers. You could connect them in series with WS2812 LED strip and create a digital clock.
Arduino Multimeter 5 in 1 V2.0

Arduino based multimeter that could measure Inductance, current, capacitance, voltage and resistance. It can also detect short circuit, measure diode, frequency and more but that is for a furure update. See full schematic circuit and the PCB I've designed.

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