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FOC control with Arduino + magnetic encoder feedback
25/05/2024 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
Tutorial, PCB circuit and code for ontrol a brushless motor with FOC field oriented control and Arduino SPWM signals and AS5600 magnetic encoder as feedback.

All about Arduino PWM frequencies
04/04/2024 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
There are three such Timer/Counter registers: TCCR0B, TCCR1B, and TCCR2B. Since there are three different prescalers, the six PWM pins are broken up into three

Smallest ESC based on ARDUINO
24/03/2024 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
Tutorial on how to make an ESC of only 8mm wide and it works with Arduino. Check the schematic, PCB GERBER files and the code for download.

Debug Arduino and ESP with PlatformIO
17/03/2024 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
This is how you actually make a debug for an Arduino code using virtual code studio, platformIO. Also a JTAG programmer for ESP32 debug.

Homemade Best Two Hand Multimeter with Arduino
29/02/2024 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
Make a multimeter with Arduino capable of measuring current, voltage, resistance, capacitance, inductance, continuity, diode mode, frequency and a lot more. Still improving!

Homemade Baby White Noise Generator
12/01/2024 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
Make a white noise geenrator with speaker, Arduino control, DFplayer, RGB lights and radio/remote control. Also, 3D printed case.

Measure AC RMS with Arduino
11/11/2023 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
How to measure RMS AC high voltage with Arduino and the MCP6002 module.

RLC Transistor Tester PCB with Arduino
04/06/2023 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
Tutorial on how to assemble the Ardutester PCB and make an Arduino based RLC Transistor tester. Download the PCB and code.

TMC silent driver comparison A4988 stepper driver
04/06/2023 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
Let's check the speed, sound level and vibration differences between the TMC silent drivers from Trynamic and the old A4988 drivers for stepper motors.

ESP32 and Alexa Light control + PCB
04/06/2023 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
Use the ESP32 to receive data from the Alexa database and IOT control any device with your voice and from anywhere in the world with internet connection. See the circuit and code with a relay control.

Dev Board - OLED control
25/05/2023 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
I've made a development board so you could learn and try step by step on how to make my multimeter board and larn a lot of new parts with Arduino.

433MHz Radio Light Switch Control - PCB
25/02/2023 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
Control any 220V AC outlet using radio connection all around your home. Homemade project of a PCB that has a 433MHz radio transmitter and another one a receiver and controls a 2A 220V SSR relay.

Extract code from an Arduino
19/02/2023 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
Tutorial on how to extract a code from an already programmed Arduino in a hexadecimal file adn then upload it back to another Arduino.

Arduino Breath Alcohol Meter
12/02/2023 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
How to properly read the data from a MQ-3 gas sensor and detet the % of alcohol in the air with good precision. Then make a homemade alcohol meter breathalyzer with display.

ESP32 Arduino based NES console - Play Nintendo games
15/01/2023 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
Create the schematic for ESP32 NES console with a TFT display, SD card reader module, music decoder and buttons and uplaod .NES files to the cart an play any old Nintendo games.

Arduino Mirror Steering Control
27/11/2022 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
Control the movement of two axis of a mirror with coils and magnets using PWM signals from the Arduino. Steering control for a laser dance machine.

Digital Spectrometer with Arduino
13/11/2022 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
Split the light with a diffraction grating, use a digital camera and read the spectrum intensity with the Arduino mega and a TFT display.

Homemade Stream Deck with Touchscreen
12/11/2022 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
Using a Nextion Touchscreen and an Arudino Micro with the Keyboard library we can make a cool stream deck for livestreams.

Noobix - The IoT PCB you need - ESP32
22/10/2022 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
A PCB with ESP32 an SSR relay and 220V AC converter. Very small IoT control with Arduino code and homemade PCB. Control via Internet from with database from anywhere in the world.

Arduino FOC controller PCB for Brushless Motors
11/09/2022 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
Tutorial on how to make a homemade FOC controller PCB with L6234PD driver for brushless triple phase motors BLDC with closed loop control and AS5048A magnetic encoder.

Two Hand Multimeter - Multiple Modes
13/08/2022 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
Homemade handheld multimeter and PCB with multiple modes for voltage, resistance, capacitance, current, inductance, frequency, diode, continuity and more. Measure everything with such a small PCB and 3D case.

Filament from PET bottles machine
29/07/2022 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
How to make filament out of plasitc bottles with a 3D printer nozzle, bottle cutter and a PCB controlled with Arduino for strady temperature and rotating a stepper motor with 3D printed gears.

Arduino + MCP4725 DAC module
09/07/2022 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
How to use the MC4725 Digital to Analog converter module with the Arduino and set a steady voltage, signals for sine, square, triangle and sawtooth

ESP32 IOT and Arduino Database + POST method
30/04/2022 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
Tutorial on how to program the ESP32 with Arduino IDE and make a WIFI connection, create a database and make a IOT project with POST method and php MYSQL

Raspberry Pi Voice Recognition + Arduino UART
30/04/2022 | by: ELECTRONOOBS      
Recognize voice with the Raspberry pi and send the commands with UART to an Arduino. Voice control and Google Speech API tutorial.

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