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RC car PCB with NRF24 and BLUETOOTH

We now have the radio controller made with Arduino. We have seen how to receive data and control servos. Now, with this PCB we can control DC motors as well, add sounds and more extra stuff. Also, we have bluetooth control with an Android App. See more...
My open source ESC

I've made the schematic and designed this PCB. It is a sensorless ESC with BEMF detection and controlled with PWM. It is open source based on Arduino. See more...
Servo tester + menu + ESC calibration

Another very easy tutorial. Not just s simple esc/servo tester. This has some more settings for prrecision PWM signal. It also has a menu with LCD. See more...
Arduino NRF24 Servo turret

Some time ago we've seen the NRF24 radio controller. Now we can use this radio controller to control stuff. We can start by controling some servos for our fireworks turret. See more...
Arduino SPWM SINE inverter

We've made an inverter before but with a square wave output. Now we look how SPWM works and get a sine shape output for the inverter. See more...
GPS distance meter with Arduino

In this project we use a GPS module to get the coordinates of any location. Then we get second coordinates and calculate the distance in "meters". See more...
3D printed Arduino radio controller

This is another Arduino and NRF24 based radio controller. But now with better joysticks, OLED screen and digital fine tune. It also has a 3D printed case. See more...
Arduino digital power supply

I've made another pwoer supply since the last one was not a success. This time I'm using an LCD with i2c so the code will be faster. We rectify the voltage, control it witha buck converter, set voltage and current limit and more.
Arduino based multimeter

This projects uses the ADS1115 ADC module and a few more components and it could measure resistance, capacitance, inductance, current and voltage with good precision.
ADS1115 ADC Arduino tutorial

This is a 16 bits ADC so we haev up to 65000 points for 5V so taht's a good resolution. It works with i2c communicaton.
Hall sensor Arduino 49E tutorial

Measure the magnetic fields with this hall sensor. Read the analog value output with the Arduino.
MAX471 current module

This module amplifies the voltage drop and calculates the current in parallel of any load and it gives an analog ouput according to the current value.
Ultrasonic distance sensor

We send a ultrasonic wave and count the time till the bounced wave. We know the speed of sound so we could caluculate the distance.
GAS sensor Arduino example

This sensor will detect changes in the air components. By taht we could detect any strange gass and set an alarm for example...
BMP180 Pressure sensor Arduino examples.

This module measures the atmosferic pressure. If we know the pressure we can get the altitude more or less.
Magnetometer Arduino example

This small module measures the magnetic field of the earth. This is a good module to use with a GPS module for drones or just measure the earth amgnetic field in different zones.
MPU6050 Arduino examples. Angle, raw data, movement detector

We use this module to get gyro and acceleration data. With that we can get the angle but also detect movement. See the full example here.
LDR light sensor

Another basic tutorial based on the pulse sensor. It will detect the pulse on your finger and then we graph the results on the Processing window and see a graphic result of the pulses.
Infrared light sensor

This module measures IR light and gives an analog output or a digital output. We can read this signal and use it as a switch or maybe fire sensor or sunlight sensor.
Laser distance sensor

This is another infrared based distnace and gesture sensor with much higher precision then other moudles. Also, this is the smallest package you will find for this purpose. See the scheamtic and code example.
Infrared distance sensor

Basic example. See how use this SHARP module and measure distance with precision usin infrared light. See the code for the Arduino, the schematic and example.

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Arduino tutorials

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