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DIY Radio Controller Arduino+NRF24
Arduino radio controller
7 PWM channels or more
NRF24 amplified antenna
Transmitter and receiver schematic
Example codes
Up to 700 meters

Build a radio transmitter with 5 analog channels and 2 digital. Use the power amplified antenna and send 7 bytes of data. Receive the signal and create a PWM output foe each channel with range 1000-2000us,
PID temperature Arduino controller
PID arduino controller
Read temp with thermocouple
Use the MAX6675 breakout board
Create PID code
Use rotary encoder for control
Schematics, part list and codes

Full Temperature PID controll with Arduino. Closed loop. See all the schematics, codes and examples here.
Brushed motors Arduino drone
arduino drone brushed DC motors
DC coreless brushed motors control

PID for the drone

NRF24 radio comunication

3D printed body
Schematics, part list and codes

Usually drones have brushless motors. In this tutorial we will build a drone using Arduino but with brushed motors.
Menu with voice and rotary encoder
arduino rotary encoder DFplayer
How rotary encoder works

i2c LCD control

Special unique characters

DF player Mp3 module
Schematics, part list and code

Encode the position for the menu and scroll up and down. Select the with the special cahracter (arrow) and enter the menu. A different voice sound will be played for each selected menu usinf the DFplayer module.
arduino POV display LED spin code
Hall sensor detection

Real time synchronize

Fast LED control with interruptions

Register control
Schematics and code

Count real time while the propeller is spinning. Use interruptions for that and register control of outputs and draw a clock, text or any shape on the POV display.
Android App & Arduino Bluetooth receive
bluetooth arduino receive android app
Create the App
Create the code

Mount the circuit

Receive data
Chart plot of data

Create the Android App in AppInventor2. Next read data from sensor, potentiometer, etc. Send the data with Bluetooth connection HC06 module. Receive the data and create a Graph or control Screen components of the smartphone.
Whistling switch
whistle detect circuit arduino switch
Whistle detecting circuit

Arduino based

Relay control

Extra cheap
Schematics and code

We will detech a whistle sound with a very easy microphone circuit. Then we measure the frequency and with a little bit of code we could switch on and off anything.
Homemade Electric scooter
Voice controlled 3D printed robot arm

480W brushless motor

120A ESC

Full tutorial ARDUINO
Step by step

Build your own ELECTRIC scooter using a huge brushless motor powered by a 120A ESC and controlled with arduino. See all the build steps and the scheamtics/codes.
Voice controlled 3D printed robot arm
Voice controlled 3D printed robot arm
Voice recognition

Servo motor control

3D printed parts

Arduino code
Full tutorial

Record your own voice commands. Each command will send a 2 bytes instruction to the Arduino. Receive those bytes and control anything with the Arduino.
WiFi YouTube subscribers counter
WiFi YouTube subscribers counter esp8266
Real time

7 segment screen

Auto refresh

API key ans jason
Full scheamtic and code

Using the ESP9266 WiFi module we connect to internet. Using the youtube ID and API key we ket the subscribers count an print the value on a 7 segment screen module.
3D printed Arduino based RPM meter
3d printed RMP meter Arduino IR sensor
RPM meter

OLED screen

Arduino code

IR sensor

Material list and schematics

We will build a simple Arduino RPM meter with an IR sensor. Print the measured value on an OLED screen. Extra push button for LOW power mode activation.
Huge LED matrix Arduino & MAX7219
arduino bluetooth led matrix max7219
Bluetooth connection

Create the android App

8x32 10mm LEDs

BMAX7219 LED matrix drivers

Material list and schematics

Using huge 1cm green LEDs we will create a 8 by 32 LED matrix and display text and unique icons using the arduino and the MAX7219 matrix driver. Easy to build and understand.
Arduino android App bluetooth RGB LED control
arduino bluetooth android app
Bluetooth connection

Create the android App

Control the PWM signal

Broad variety of colors

Material list and schematics

Learn how PWM with RGB leds work. Create the android App. Make the circuit connections and start a bluetooth connection. Send data and control the color of the LED strip. Awesome right?
Arduino REGISTERS control and interruptions
arduino keypad door lock
What is a register

How to change their values

Control ports

Control timers


First we will talk a bit about 8 bit registers of the arduinio, ATMEGA328p datasheet and how to find each register. Then we will see the difference between using Arduino functions or directly register control. Finnaly we will set the register of one timer of the arduino to make an interruption at 2KHz. Inside of that interruption we will create a sort of PWM signal using register control.
Arduino KeyPad door lock
arduino keypad door lock
Use of a simplified keypad

Keypad library

LCD password print

Servo motor open the door

Emergency open as well

My door lock is busted so I had to make my own. With a small 4x4 keypad we will insert a password. If correct a servo motor will open a slide door lock. If not an error will show up and we have to try again. The system also has a buzzer and an emergency open button.
Multimeter using Arduino
arduino multimeter
Easy to build

Arduino control

LCD print of the values

Arduino example code

Resistance, capacitance, inductance, current, power, etc

We will see the basic step of a multimeter. Using simple codes we will be able to measure with quite precision resistence, capacitance, inductance, current and power.
Optic encoded step motor prototype
optic encoded step motor
6400 steps/rev

Arduino control

Optic switch circuit

Arduino example code

3D printed case

Basic step motor are quite expensive and need step controllers modules as well. Here we're going to build a small and precise optic encoded step motor using optic switches. Encode the steps and calculate the rotation degree.
Make it sound. WTV020-SD sound MODULE
Play ad4 sound files

Control tracks using arduino

Play, pause, mute, unmute, stop, sync, unsync

Arduino code

If you have a small microcontrolled project and you want to use sounds this might be the best and chepper way to do it. Upload ad4 files to a sd card and play the tracks using Arduino control. You can easily make a talking robot.
Android app + Bluetooth + Arduino control
Create a new android App

Bluetooth conection with an Arduino

Control blocks and data send

Arduino code

We will create a new App in AppInventor tool from Google. Next we will establish a bluetooth connection between an android smartphone and the arduino and start sending data in order to control our Arduino's outputs.
How to burn the bootloader to a ATmega328p AU
Burn the bootloader

Use of SMD microchips

Program with FTDI

Arduino basics

New microchips are empty, they usualy don't have enything burned in their memory. Without a bootloader the chip won't understand any of the code that you are sending to it. You have to burn a bootloader to it first and doing that to a smd chip is quite tricky.
Multi channel RC transmitter
Up to 32 channels!

A 2.4GHz speed and aprox. 1km of range

Very low cost

Arduino connections and used code
Antenna upgrades

Using just 4 potentiometers, an Arduino microcontroller and a NRF24 radio module we will create 4 channels and send the analog readings of those 4 potentiometers to another NRF24 module used as a receiver.
Radio frequency connection 433MHz
Radio frequency comunication

433MHz module

Arduino connection and used code.

Improve the antenna for better comunication

Small example of how to use two 433MHz modules to comunicate between arduinos. Easy and fun.
Multiple channels radio receiver
Up to 32 channels!

2.4GHz speed and up to 1Km range

Very low cost

PWM or PPM output

Arduino code and connection

Build a fast and powerful radio receiver using low cost module. Connect the arduino, upload the code and star receiving data. You can build your own 32 channels radio controller.
i2c serial LCD comunication
Use just two pins

Much simple code

Low cost

This type of LCD normally uses about 7 pins to comunicate with the miorocontroller. Using a i2c serial comunication that noumber gets down to 2 pins : SDA and SCL
Obtain data from a MPU6050 module
Data storage

Acceleration control



We will make a small code in order to obtain the acceleration and rotarion values drom a MPU6050 module. Doing a little bit of math we can calculate the inclination angle.