In this tutorial I will show you how I've made my first version of this brushed DC motor speed controller. Please have in mind in the video I had some errors that I've fiexed in the final schematic. The controller has PWM control with 3 MOSFETs in parallel for more power and heat dissipation. It has a small hall effect sensor for current measure so we could also limit the current. It can read speed so that could also be limited and it has inputs for break and outputs for indicators.

7 days ago | by: ELECTRONOOBS
Airflow clock???

The idea is to blow into the thing to float the balls, to endure that your lungs stay in good shape and reduce the chance of pneumonia.

20 days ago | by: Nir Tasher
PCBWay 6th Anniversary

To welcome the 6th Anniversary of PCBWAY which we have all gone through, the following benefits will be given back to the customers of PCBWay who have been continuous supported them. 

24 days ago | by: ELECTRONOOBS
Music Spectrum With Digital Clock and Temperature

We are here again with a project you will like. If you like listening to music and enjoy the visuality, this project is for you. DIGITAL CLOCK MUSIC SPECTRUM ELECTRONIC KIT WITH TEMPERATURE DISPLAY. See more...

25 days ago | by: TheTNR
Wearable LED Matrix Badge

Badges are awesome, especially when these have LEDs. Design a PCB Badge that you can pin proudly and wear at your next important event. See more...

25 days ago | by: AmalMathew
DIY Temperature Meter

How to make a Temperature Meter using Bar Graph and Atmega328p. The original post will include all the details like circuit diagram, PCB fabrication , Coding, Assembly and Testing. See more...

25 days ago | by: DIYTechStudio
10 Million YouTube PCB

You want to celebrate your subscriber count for YouTube? Well, sue this board for any amount of subscribers, for silver button, gold or diamong. See more...

25 days ago | by: JanoschS1
RGB Temperature Indicator

As much as I love to dive into explaining what each of those xChips can do and how you can manipulate them to perform certain functionalities. See more...

25 days ago | by: thecxhacker
Vacuum Fluorescent Display Watch

The ChronodeVFD uses a IVL2-7/5 display tube, which in addition to being small and low-current is also flat rather than rounded, and features a transparent backing. See more...

25 days ago | by: pakue
Arduino Learner Kit (Open Source)

If you are a beginner in Arduino World and going to learn Arduino having some hands-on experience this Instructables and this Kit is for you. See more...

25 days ago | by: taifur
Open MenuRFID NFC Tap and Go Ring

The idea behind this project is that if you have an RFID credit card, dissolve it in acetone, take out the RFID chip and make a ring with it. See more...

25 days ago | by: pockybum522

Another clock everybody. But this is a different clock, a word clock which means it uses words instead of numbers to show the hour and it also looks great. See more.

25 days ago | by: ELECTRONOOBS

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