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The world is dynamic, and so is the business’s need and scenario, making it very crucial to save time. We all know that “Time is Money,” but in today’s time, the saying has changed a bit, “Time is not only Money, but it is also Gold!” Thus, it becomes very vital to have a quick turn PCB assembly.

7 hours ago | by: Laura Stevens
Micro RC toy Car

Tiny remote control cars burst onto the scene from time to time, often sold from mall kiosks and covered in garish stickers. However, sometimes it’s more fun to build than to buy. [diorama111] clearly fits into this camp, building a tiny 1:150 scale RC car from the ground up.

7 days ago | by: Lewin Day

When Google halted production of the Chromecast Audio at the start of 2019, there was a (now silent) outcry. Fans of the device loved the single purpose audio streaming dongle that delivered wide compatibility and drop-dead simplicity at a rock bottom $35 price.

7 days ago | by: Kerry Scharfglass

Tiny OLED displays are an absolute must-have in the modern parts bin, so what better way to show your allegiance to the maker movement than with a pair of Arduino-compatible OLED glasses?

13 days ago | by: Tom Nardi
Elegoo Saturn 3D Printer Review

Whereas the Elegoo Mars Pro ushered in an iteration of the original Mars, the Elegoo Saturn arrives as a substantially different SLA printer.

18 days ago | by: Moe Long
Smart Home

Simple project for motitoring internal - external home enviromental conditions, motion, fire detection and controling 4 appliences with app

1 month ago | by: Dr Panos
DIY 3D-Printed Wristwatch

Redditor Minergab wanted a watch with an integrated flashlight and laser beam, and made a 3D-printed model that would make James Bond proud.

1 month ago | by: Cameron Coward
Battery capacity tester

Battery tester using an ESP32, micro SD cards and Arduino. This project is a datalogger to check the capacity of 18650 batteries by determining if they are in good condition or they must be discarded.

1 month ago | by: Alvaro Morales
SpaceX Starship SN10 Successfully Landed, Then Exploded in Fire

Elon Musk estimated a 60 percent chance for this first successful landing that later exploded.

1 month ago | by: ELECTRONOOBS
eMBee ONE turns an Arduino and an Altoids tin into an ’80s-style pocket computer

Matthew Begg wanted a pocket computer that had some of the charm of his 1980s vintage Casio FX-730P, so he decided to build his own

2 months ago | by: ARDUINO TEAM
Smart Trolley Using RFID And Arduino Nano

How to make Smart Trolley Using RFID And Arduino Nano. We all have waited in a queue for payment in shopping malls and other places, its very tiring and wastes a lot of time in the billing process.

2 months ago | by: Daini
Arduino Keyboard Controller

This Raspberry Pi-compatible device lets you use joysticks as a mouse and enter keyboard and modifier keys with two dynamic keypad options.

2 months ago | by: Kutluhan Aktar

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