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The Magic of Analog to Digital Converters

Digital-to-analog converters (ADCs) are wonders unto themselves! They serve as a link between discrete digital space found in computers and continuous analog impulses seen in the real world. To learn how it functions, consider these pointers:

6 days ago | by: ELECTRONOOBS
How Does a Phototransistor Detect Light?

A phototransistor is a semiconductor device that combines the capabilities of a photodiode and a transistor to sense and amplify light signals.

6 days ago | by: ELECTRONOOBS
LM358 IC vs 74LS138 IC: Which is Best

The LM358 is a dual op-amp IC integrated with two op-amps powered by a common power supply. It can be considered as one-half of the IC 74LS138 quad op-amp, which contains four op-amps with a common power supply.

6 days ago | by: ELECTRONOOBS
How Do Tilt Sensors Work?

A tilt sensor is an instrument used to measure the tilt in multiple axes of a reference plane. Tilt sensors gauge the tilting position with reference to gravity and are utilized in various applications.

6 days ago | by: ELECTRONOOBS
Check my new stuff

New mailbag video with new stuff for my workshop! 

17 days ago | by: ELECTRONOOBS
Wiring Harness Manufacturing: A Detailed Guide

As these harnesses play a critical role, you must always pick one made from high-quality materials. Further, it is equally essential for wiring harnesses to meet all sorts of safety standards. Cloom understands these facts, so we can deliver you premium quality products through a specific wiring harness manufacturing process.

19 days ago | by: ELECTRONOOBS
How to Maintain Industrial Battery Charging Systems

In the vast landscape of industrial operations, the efficacy of battery charging systems plays a pivotal role. These systems not only power essential machinery but also ensure that operations run smoothly and efficiently. Given their critical nature, maintaining these systems becomes paramount to prevent costly downtimes and ensure safety across facilities.

26 days ago | by: ELECTRONOOBS
VMware Data Recovery Guide

Experiencing error messages due to corrupted VMDK or virtual machine disk files in VMware can be quite frustrating, especially when deadlines are looming. This guide is designed to help you navigate through VMware data recovery effectively.

29 days ago | by: ELECTRONOOBS
Falcon2 Pro 60W

Over the years, the technology behind laser engraving has seen significant advancements, with machines becoming more efficient, compact, and powerful. Yet, for all its benefits, there are also some pain points we are facing now.

1 month ago | by: ELECTRONOOBS
High Power Resistror

How to make a high power resistor with nichrome wire! Homemade!

1 month ago | by: ELECTRONOOBS
Push-Pull Amplifier: How Does It Work?

An electrical circuit known as a push-pull amplifier is used to amplify signals, substantially in radio frequency and audio operations.

1 month ago | by: ELECTRONOOBS
Exploring Robot Sensor Dynamics: Innovations in Perception Science

Robot sensors are necessary for robotic systems to perceive and communicate with their terrain.

1 month ago | by: ELECTRONOOBS

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