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So, you want to place ads on my YouTube channel, on my webpage or maybe on my Instagram/Facebook? Maybe you want to send me a product for review. Or maybe you want to add a sponsored part on one of my YouTube videos. Well, read all the information below for that. Before, you might want to see a bit of analytics of my social media platforms. Check each part for different sponsorship type.

1. YouTube sponsorship

1.1 YouTube Full Review

Have in mind I have an English channel and a Spanish one. You could send me your product and I could make a full video review. For example I make reviews of electrical tools, 3D printers, laser engravers, new devices, etc. Usually I make an unbox, assemble if needed, test and I give my honest opinion. Depending on the product I might accept or not the offer. It has to be in topic with my website (eg: electronics, tech, science, educational). I will add a link on the first line of my video description for your product/service.

For such cooperation send me a mail at: with
Subject: Product Review cooperation

Full Review Example video

1.2 YouTube Mailbag Review

I will be sincere. I receive a lot of emails for product reviews every day, and sometimes I don’t have time for a full video review (1.1) for each product. But I also have a different type ,of video called MAILBAG. Basically, is making longer reviews where I show more than 1 product in the same video (maybe 4 to 6 products), something like the example video below. Each product will have a few minutes of quick and overall review (2-5 minutes each). If you are interested in such a video, let me know and I can send you my address so you could send me a sample. Also, have in kind that I won’t have a fixed schedule for such a review video because I will have to wait till I have a few products and then make the review video. Maybe I will make such a video once a month or once every 6 weeks depending on how many products I receive. This kind of review video would require no fees, only the free sample. I will add links on the first lines of my video description for your product/service.

For such cooperation send me a mail at: with
Subject: Mailbag cooperation

Mailbag Example video

1.3 Inserted Ad

Inserted ad would basically be a small aprt of the video where I announce your product or service. Usually, the inserted ad are 40 to 60 seconds just after the intro of my video. You can see an example in the video below starting on minute 01:27 with an inserted ad for This inserted ad could be longer than 60 seconds but in that case I would place it at the end of my video and I only announce it at the beginning ("more about this at the end of the video"). I will send you the video a few days before I post it on YouTube so you could check and approve the ad. I will add a link on the first line of my video description for your product/service. If the ad is for a product, you could send me a sample to record it and create the video for the inserted ad with my voice. The product or service MUST be related to my channel (tech, electronics, learning, circuits, 3D prints, drones, etc). Also, it is important to know the maximum date you want the ad to be placed since I have a lot of requests and I have to know a few weeks before the video so I could prepare the ad for the video. My schedule is a bit tight.

Another option in case of a product is full review which you could check above on part 1.1.

For such cooperation send me a mail at: with
Subject: Inserted Ad cooperation

Inserted Ad Example video

1.4 Project video

Basically a project video is where I use your product or service to make a project of mine. For example, in the first video below sent me all the parts I needed to make a homemade electric skateboard. The links for each component will be added to the first line of my video description for your product/service. Basically I make my entire video around your product and I use it for my project. This is even better than a review but I can only make such video with components that I need for my projects.

Another example is the second video where I use the services of to create a PCB for one of my projects. Basxically, the entire video is based around that PCB made with the services of PCBWAY so that's another example of project video. Again, the links for the service or product will be placed on the first line of the video description.

For such cooperation send me a mail at: with
Subject: Project Ad cooperation

1. Project Example video 1

2. Project Example video 2

1.5 Livestream

Another option would be to make a live video. Usually, every 1-2 months I make a livestream like the video below (checkl all my streams here). This usually is about 2 hours long and I make the unbox, assemble, test and my honest opinion. Once the live stream is over, the video will be posted on my channel forever, just as a normal video. This option requires no extra fee, just a sample of your product. The schedule of my live streams is not fixed, we can talk about it. I would add a link for your product on the first line of the video description.

For such cooperation send me a mail at: with
Subject: Livestream Ad cooperation

1. Livestream cooperation with a product review

2. Livestream examople using a product (EasyEDA website)

2. Website Blogs

2.1 Option 1: New Guest Blog Posts

You can check my Blogs page here. On this page I add all kind of posts related with electronics, tech, new devices, tools, education, etc. If you are interesteed you can send me the contents of a blog including pictures and text and if it goes in topic with my website, I might post it. These blogs will later be shared on my Facebook and also on my Instagram pages for more reach. Each blog has a comment section where users might comment. Pictures must be in high quality and the text well redacted. We won’t accept anything that is not related with the page such as gambling or other stuff.

2.2 Option 2: Ad on existing posts

I could also insert links on blogs that are already posted so you don't have to provide the text and photos. For example, on this blog post, we've added a bubble with the logo and link for Even if the post is not about JLCPCB services, we can add a "sponsored by" message with provided link. This is usually made when the blog post content is related with the services provided by the sponsor, in case of that example, PCB production. We constantly post blogs on, so anytime you could add a sponsored link on those posts. This link could be in the form of just a simple clickable text or a logo bubble. For this kind of cooperation you don’t need to provide the text and photos. Only the link for your product/service. Again, the product must be in topic with my website (electronics, tech, 3D printing, education, etc). This post would also be shared on my Facebook and also on my Instagram pages for more reach.

For such cooperation send me a mail at: with
Subject: Blog Post cooperation

Blog Example

electronoobs blogs ads sponsorship

3. Website Ads

Below you can see an example of the analytics of my website. Usually there are around 100k visits per month plus a Q&A forum. The add banners are on all the pages of the entire site. The page is growing each day thanks to YouTube links and other of my social media platforms.

Website Analytics

electronoobs blogs ads sponsorship

3.1 Sidebar banner

As you can see, on the ELECTRONOOBS website, on the right side there are Affilate banners, currently Google and other sites. If you want your banner on all of the pages of my website you sould send me a mail at with the Subject: Sidebar banner cooperation but also the size and position of the banner as you can see below, block1, block2, block 3 and so on...

But, the price will depend on the size and position of the banner (usually 250 by 280px). For the first 3 blocks the price is different, Then, from the third-fourth till the final block, the price is the same. When the page is loaded, only block 1 and 2 can be seen if you don't scroll down. You could also merge two blocks together and create a super block with a different price. Usually, the size of the blocks on my webpage is 250 by 280 pixels but if you have it bigger by having 2 blocks space for your add it will be(250x600 BIG).

3.2 Sticky sidebar

The best position for a sidebar banner is on the "sticky sidebar". Basically, when the user is scrolling down, there will be a sidebar that will remain on the same height on the right side of the website and that means that users will constantly see the ad of that block. This applies on all pages of the website.

For such cooperation send me a mail at: with
Subject: Sidebar banner cooperation

Sidebar blocks Example


4. Instagram Post

I can also post video/photo on my Instagram accout with +200K followers. This offer includes posts (photo or video) but also Instastory with a direct link and more than 20.000 views in a day. Some posts could reach up to 200.000 impressions.

Website Analytics

electronoobs blogs ads sponsorship

Types of posts

1. Instastory is the best way to share links on Instagram. Send me a good picture (electronics related) and I'll make a quick Instastory and share the link. My followers will swipe up and see your Ad.

Pack1: 1 x photo/video with description, hashtags & 1 x Instastory with link shared
Pack2: 2 x photo/video with description, hashtags (minimum 2 days in between posts) & 2 x Instastory with link shared (minimum 2 days in between posts)
Pack3: We could make custom pack for you! Send me an email.

2. Instagram Post. Basically, I make a post with your picture/video and I share a description with details, text links and also share your instagram "@"" user if you want. I usually need a sample of the product so I could take a picture with it and then make the post. Remember that the links in the normal Instagram posts are not clickable. Again, we can make paks for multiple posts or for a normal post + story of the same post with swipe up link. You have an example post below.

3. 1 -Minute Video review. This goes for my Instagram page but the same for TikTok. I can make a 1 minute video review with your product and share it on my Instagram as a post or even better, as a story with swipe up link. Is the best way to reach the users. This video will be in vertical mode recorded in 2K or 1K smartphone camera.

For such cooperation send me a mail at: with
Subject: Instagram post cooperation

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