Albert Einstein He developed the general theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics (alongside quantum mechanics).

The first integrated circuit invented by the engeneer Jack S. Kilby1 (1923-2005) contained only a few transistors. Texas Instruments.
Homemade bluetooth speaker, 3D printed case
homemade bluetooth speaker portable

3D printed case

USB charging

Dual channel amplifier

homemade bluetooth speaker portable diy
Build your own portable speaker. Find here the full schematic and all the steps. The idea of this kind of project is to reuse any component that you can.
DIY AC/DC current clamp fot the oscilloscope
diy current clamp non invasive AC DC
Full DIY

Variable scale

Amplified output

Hall sensor

diy current clamp non invasive AC DC
Build your own non invasive current clamp for the oscilloscope with a basic circuit and a hall sensor that will measure the magnetic flux created by the current passing through a wire.
DIY bench power supply from an old PC power supply
Made with PC power supply

Variable voltage output

Curent limit control

7 segment display

buck boost converter circuit
Build your own bench power supply out of an old PC power supply. Using a DC to DC step up step down converter we could obtain a variable output from 1 to 26 volts and also control the current limit. Enjoy!
Buck-boost DC to DC converter
Boost or lower the voltage

Variable output

PWM control

PPM control

buck boost converter circuit
Learn the theory and how to build a buck-boost DC to DC converte
Boost DC to DC converter
Boost the voltage

Variable output

PWM control

PPM control

boost converter circuit
Learn the theory and how to build a boost DC to DC converte
Buck DC to DC converter
Lower the voltage

Variable output

PWM control

PPM control

buck converter circuit
Learn the theory of a buck DC to DC converte
TDA7492p 100W bluetooth portable Speaker
Stereo 50W+50W outputs

Low cost

Bluetooth connection and control

Circuit, steps, material...

3d printed rc spitfire plane
We all like music and we all use smartphones. So this tutorial will show you how to build a low cost 100W wireless bluetooth portable speaker with high quality output. Step by step on how to build and use it.
Electric ARC lighter
How a transformer work

Coil energy and flyback

Flyback converter

Create an electric plasma ARC

3d printed rc spitfire plane
Everyone saw those electric plasma lighters that you could buy for less than 10 euros. In this tutorial we will se how a transformer work, what is a flyback transformer and how to create a high frequency high voltage flybak converter that will create a nice plasma arc.
Homemade brushless motor
3D printed body

12 poles 14 magnetst

Manual windings

Learn the basics of a brushless motor. We're going to build a outrunner brushless motor and learn how it works at the same time.
Small, cheap audio amplifier
Use of LM386 amplifier

1W output

Amplify small sound signals

Basic and cheap circuit. Amplify any kind of sound signal, up to 8 ohms speacker and 1W.
PCB design - first steps into Design Spark
Basic hot keys in Design Spark

Standard sequence to follow

Simulation, schematic, pcb design, G-code generator

You will learn how to design a basic PCB in design spark following the basic rules of PCB designs. Once you finish your PCB you will learn how to export the gerbers and generate a g code in order to CNC mill your PCB.
Basic H-bridge circuit
Double DC motor control

Control the rotation direction

Control the speed with PWM

Perfect design for robot control

Small circuit to control the spin direction and speed of two DC motors. It works with voltages up top 14 volts and 2 ampers of curent.
ESC - electronic speed controller
12 to 24 volts input

Triphase circuit

PWM control

EMF detection

Learn how to build your own electronic speed controller for brushless motors. Easy, fast and cheap project.