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Gearbest Creality3D CR - 10 3D Desktop DIY Printer
Creality3D CR - 10 3D Desktop DIY Printer only $426.23

Gearbest Hubsan H501S X4 Brushless Drone - Advanced Version
Hubsan H501S X4 Brushless Drone - Advanced Version only $335.60

Gearbest HawKeye Firefly 8S 4K Sports Camera No Distortion Version
HawKeye Firefly 8S 4K Sports Camera No Distortion Version only $141.99

Albert Einstein He developed the general theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics (alongside quantum mechanics).

The first integrated circuit invented by the engeneer Jack S. Kilby1 (1923-2005) contained only a few transistors. Texas Instruments.
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Learn it all is satisfying. But sharing such knowledge is even better satisfaction. That is the purpose of ELECTRONOOBS .

Dedicated to all those who want to learn or share knowledge about electronics. All great projects begin with small decisions and one of the greatest creations started with small steps .

You want to control objects around you with a single tap on your phone ? You want to be awsome by having a robot that follows you ? Or simply you want your creations to take life and shine ? Here you will find tutorials of low and middle advanced level machine language , coding and use of microcontrollers souch as Arduino, ATtiny, MSP, etc. You will learn the basic laws of every engineer , as carry out your project in the best way and how to get the best results. Hundreds of projects with photos , videos and diagrams await you. Arduino classes step by step from NOOB to PRO . Basic and advanced circuitry. Electronics of all kinds. Basic laws of electromagnetism and electronics. Tutorials about the world of 3D creation. How and with what to print your thoughts? Materials , components, modules and all the new gadgets you will find on ELECTRONOOBS .

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Anet E10 review best sale price unbox
New Video-Tutorials
New 3D printers for you
Anet E10 review best sale price unbox1
Creality cr10 review best sale price unbox1
Tevo tarantula review best sale price unbox1

Creality CR10 - Review

This is my first review on the Creality CR10. I'm also preparing a compare video between this one and the mini version and alos between the Anet E10 which is also a good printer. There are not much improvements to do to this printer, it's quite perfect just out of the box. I hope that you enjoy this video and all of my other tutorials.

Arduino DRONE II Part 2 IMU and PID

Please forgive me, the PID isn't workink well yet... I hope this is usefull and that you could learn something. In the past video series we've used the MultiWii platform for the flight controller. Now I want to make my own code for the flight controller. In this second part we combine the PWM signals from the receiver (part 1) with the IMU data and create the PID control.

3D printed Spitfire RC plane

This is the third video of the RC Spitfire plane tutorials. In this video we build our Spitfire body frame. Make sure you download all the schematics and building plans from the links below. Be careful when printing and always follow the printing settings and tipsthat I give you.

Arduino RPM meter

Easy to build, 3D printed and homemade RPM meter/Tachometer with Arduino. The circuit is easy and based on a IR LED and phototransistor. You have all the codes, schematics and STL files below. I hope you enjoy it.

Amazing bluetooth speaker

Cheap bluetooth portable speaker with 2x50W double output. I've used the TDA7492p aoudi amplifier board. It already has a compatible bluetooth module integraded on it. So all I had to do is connect some batteries and some extra features and install it inside of a huge 40W speaker case. I hope you enjoy it.

Arduino bluetooth LED strip

Create this app and control the brightness of each RGB colors of a LED strip. Send data via bluetooth with your smartphone using a created App, a bluetooth module and receive data with the arduino. You will learn how to create an Android app in AppInventor. Using a bluetooth client you will connect to a bluetooth module of the arduino. A PWM signal will control each of the 3 red, green and blue color of the strip.

DIY step motor - optic encoded

DIY step motor optic switch encoded. Encode the steps per one rotation and then you could control the angle of rotation, speed, and turns. Very nice project part of a bigger project of a 100 € own design of a CNC optic encoded machine.

DIY PLASMA arc lighter

This is a full tutorial on how to make yourself a high voltage electric plasma arc lighter using a simple circuit and a flyback transformer that you'll also learn how to build. Be careful wit high voltage, it could injure you. The video is quite long because I wanted to explain all the theory behing the circuit, flyback transformer and the inducter properties in this high voltage converter. I hope you'll enjoy the entire video.

Create Arduino-Android App

You will learn how to create an Android app in AppInventor. Using a bluetooth client you will connect to a bluetooth module of the arduino. By sending data you could control all the arduino's outputs. Use this app to control robots, things arount your house, lights, etc.

Arduino resistance meter

A simple resistance meter using the arduino. The schematic is for Arduino nano but the breadboard tests are made using the UNO. For different scales I've used different values of the pre-definde values of R2 in the voltage divider.

Inductance meter with Arduino

Inductance meter using the Arduino and a small comparator. All the the breadboard tests are made using the Arduino UNO. The theory is based on the resonating frequency of an LC circuit. Feel free to visit my Patreon page!

Full Arduino based Drone

Full Arduino based drone. The tutorial is divided in a few parts. In this video I build the flight controller using the Arduino NANO and the MPU6050 gyro//accelerometer. To program the flight controller I've used the multiwii platform. Wait for the next parts, the radio receiver/transmitter and the final drone build.