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My name is Andrei Gabriel and I've started my ELECTRONOOBS website around 2015. Four years later I finished electronic engeneering university in UB Barcelona. Around 2016 I had my first Arduino microcontroller and get in love with it. I've start makeing electronics projects. I now have more than 150 finished projects in my small workshop, whcih I hope one day could get bigger. I've started making videos for YouTube channel where I can share my knowledge, projects and ideas. I love teaching people and I would like make a living from it. Thanks to you that could become real.

I post a video or two once a week on both my channels (English and Spanish). I combine basic circuits with Arduino, some electromagnetic laws, electronics reviews, 3D printing, drones, planes, and much more. Enjoy.


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Learn it all is satisfying. But sharing such knowledge is even better satisfaction. That is the purpose of ELECTRONOOBS . Dedicated to all those who want to learn or share knowledge about electronics. All great projects begin with small decisions and one of the greatest creations started with small steps . You want to control objects around you with a single tap on your phone ? You want to be awsome by having a robot that follows you ? Or simply you want your creations to take life and shine ? Here you will find tutorials of low and middle advanced level machine language , coding and use of microcontrollers souch as Arduino, ATtiny, MSP, etc. You will learn the basic laws of every engineer , as carry out your project in the best way and how to get the best results. Hundreds of projects with photos , videos and diagrams await you. Arduino classes step by step from NOOB to PRO . Basic and advanced circuitry. Electronics of all kinds. Basic laws of electromagnetism and electronics. Tutorials about the world of 3D creation. How and with what to print your thoughts? Materials , components, modules and all the new gadgets you will find on ELECTRONOOBS .

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