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Tube Radio - GERBERs
05/02/2022 | Views: 11449 | Circuits | by: ELECTRONOOBS      

I’ve passed the circuit to PCB and this below is my final board. If you want the same design, download the GERBER files from below and go to for example, and click the quote now button and then select your settings. I’ve selected the black color. This is my PCB for this project and PCBWAY did an awesome job. It looks quite nice and it has spaces for two vacuum tubes, some coils, a switch, transformer and all the needed components. I’ve also placed some LEDs below the tubes in case you want to give some color to this project. You have the values I’ve used on the silk-layer but I might change them till the end of the video so check the final schematic. This project is very new to me so I might encounter some problems.

GEBRER PCB download vacuum tube AM radio

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