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Today I've received a few PCB samples from PCBway to share with you guys. I'll go with one at a time and we start today with this PCB rule that has some sort of test prints on it. We can see the hole/via size and quality, we can see the smallest pads we could get, we can also see the gold dinish and the precision of the soldermask over the pads. So, I've received this PCB and after a first quick inspection, I can confirm that it has no errors. In this picture we can see a few types of component packages. But first, we can see the holes examples from 3.25mm to very small via of 0.3mm and these are all gold plated. They can go even smaller down to 0.2mm. In the same photo we can see a zone without soldermask or copper and the fiberglass PCB can be seen.

If you want to order your own PCBs, use and select your color.

One of the most important thing for me is the smallest pad they could print, and as you cansee we could get 0201 smd size without problems and these are also gold plated for better conductivity. There is also an example of a big capaciror/resistor of 2010 size. On this same photo with this zoom we can see that the soldermask is perfect, exaclty on top of the pads. We want a good soldermask so when soldering, no solder will stick to parts taht we don't want. So, havind only the pads exposed makes soldering a lot easier.

At the same time we could take a look over the silklayer. This is the layer that shows text or other logos on top of the soldermask, in this case the color is white. The precision and resolution of this is also important because it will tell us how small could the text we want to put be. In this case the Minimum Character Width is 0.15mm and that is quite small.

So, in general, for these low prices you will get an amazing looking and good quality PCB. We have no errors, very good resolution donw to 0.15mm in some cases, we haev a very precise soldermask on top of the copper, the finish could be also gold plated and we could select different colours. I hope this post will give you information about the finish quality of this kind of professional made PCBs. Chek the full capabilities on this link.

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