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Author Andrei
So, we have a new kickstarter here. This is a simple but awesome project. Bitty is a pocket drum machine and synthesizer. It has a big speaker and runs on batteries. And you can swap the software. You could check this kickstarter live right here. You can play the drums or melodies manually (which is better for playing along with an acoustic instrument), or you can use the left knob to select patterns and change the speed to make dance music or hip hop beats. As you can see, we have 2 potentiometers on the top side and a speaker in the middle. WE also have 4 push button on the main PCB, right in the middle.

The PCB can be in white or in black for night mode. And if you want to order PCBs for your projects, use and select your color.

The pros will get a kick out of the sonic character. The output is 12 bit and it sounds punchy and crunchy like the early MPC drum machines from the 80s and 90s. Multiple people playing music at the same time is so unique and special. Unlike talking, which has us taking turns with each other, music allows us to speak at the same time. Like running through the forest together. Bitty had to be loud enough to play outside with friends. The speaker that comes on the Bitty is typically used as a car door panel speaker and it's made of aluminum, not paper.

Every Bitty comes with ALL of the software and samples they've made. You plug it into your computer with USB, select from a library of sound packs, hit upload and boom, new Bitty! It has sound packs like Theremin Bitty, Techno Bitty, Basement Bitty, Trap Bitty, Lofi Bitty Bitty, Beach Bitty, and more on the way.

They say that some people suggested selling different Bitty flavors with the software locked, but that doesn't feel right. They rather make a thing with a growing library of sound packs so it will be a lasting product that will stay fresh for years.

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