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15W Ortur Engraver
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Author Andrei
Main features

- motherboard chip 32 - bit STM32, more powerful, faster, more accurately. easy to adjust the speed (0-3,000mm / min) and power (S0-S1,000) for both etching and cutting.
- Active protection, there is a sensor g on the motherboard to the active position. if the machine detects movement, the laser beam that will stop.
- Security guard laser beam, if your computer system Inhaled, led to stop moving the laser, the laser beam will stop.
- Eating limitation, after the laser beam is switched on , but no movement for a long time, it will stop automatically. light mode: The laser beam automatically stops after 100 seconds. not dim light mode: Based on the power level, the laser beam automatically stops within 10 to 60 seconds.

- Get it here if you want. LINK

- Lasergrbl software is the most popular size in the world, could import images in different format, you can edit Photoshop, entry into species, CAD, etc. and then connected to the recording laser through last grbl to record and cut.
- This laser engraving compatible with the PWM mode.
- Parts pre - assembled, only need 5-10 minutes to install the machine.
- 160 x 150 mm engraving area.
- Aluminum profile + acrylic materials.

- Best of all, 15W laser, and that's serious power.

We can connect to it with the USB cable. It has its own software that we can use to send Gcode and engrave or cut. For that we should know:

- With the 15W size: we can engrave wood, bamboo, cardboard, plastic, leather, PCB, aluminum oxide, electroplating and metal finishing painting, knife black art.
- We can cut: cardboard, nonwoven fabric, wood chips thin, some sheets of thin plastic, etc.

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