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Tesla Coil - GERBERs
27/09/2022 | Views: 5109 | Circuits | by: ELECTRONOOBS      

For this project I’ve made two PCBs, one for the power controller and resonator and the other one is just a coil. So download the GERBER files from below and go to Click the quote button and add the size of the PCB and the amount. In my case I order the black soldermask since it looks great. Save to cart and on the next page upload the zip file with the GERBERs. After the confirmation, place the order and receive the boards in just a few days. Ok, so now we have the PCBs and they look awesome. Especially the top one with the golden coils. The tracks are only 0.14mm thick and 0.15mm clearance. If you check the PCBWAY capabilities page, you can see that they are more than capable of making very fine tracks without problems. There are more than 180 loops on this PCB.

DIY PCB Music Tesla COil

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