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Blog#15 - TS80 iron

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TS80 soldering iron
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I've pre ordered the TS80 two weeks ago but it still took a few more days to arrive. The release was a few days ago so you could now buy it on any online store. Remember the TS100? I do! It was and still is a great product. I was amazed bu the size, performance and design of that soldering iron. Well now we haev the new version, the TS80. Let's see what's new with this version.

I've used it for a few days, test it and tear it down to see the internal components and I'll give you a sneak peek of the PCB. I've also compared it with the TS100 and put it to the test with some copper baord solder, big ball of solder, wire thin, heating time, etc. So, let's see more.

First of all, this is waht we get when we receive the box. The 9V power adaptor with a silicone heat resistent USB cable. We get the main unit and the soldering tip, aligator clip for earth connection and an Allen key. That's it, taht's what we have inside.

The tip has 3.5mm jack so is easy to connect. We have some differences between TS100 and TS80. The enw version is smaller and the disxtance from hand to tip is shorter and that's great. The tip also has a heat dissipator at the bottom end, that must be to prevent heat transfer from the tip to the metal case. And yes, the case is now amde out of metal and it is strong and looks very high quality. The unit is 95mm long and 13mm fiameter since it has the shape of a tube. The OLED display is the same size as before, and now we have a USB type C connector for power instead of the DC5525 plug.

I've made some tests. It can reach 300º in 24 seconds. Since it is lower power, at 9V and the TS100 at 11V, it is a bit faster than the TS100. Due to high quality of the tip, the heat transfer is perfect. The TS80 performed way better with the huge ball of solder on the copper board. I had no problem thinning a thick wire and solder components.

I've placed the tip on a wet sponge ant it performed very well, good temperature control. Also, I've measured the real value with an external thermocouple and it was almsot the same, so we get good real value.

Inside, we have a very small PCB, very, very, small. On the top, we haev the OLED screen, push buttons for control andthe STM32 microcontroller. There is also a small chip that might be the accelerometer that would detect the sleep mode.

On the back, we haev the USB connector and then the buck converter components for 3.3V for the uC. Then we haev the MOSFET fot power control to the heater and the OPAMP for temperature sensing. The PCB is quite simple and well made.

Want to buy it?
Gearbest LINK: TS80 sodlering iron
eBay LINK: TS80 sodlering iron
Banggood LINK: TS80 sodlering iron

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