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Blog#14 - Version 2.0

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Portable soldering iron 2.0
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Author: Andrei

Hmm, first version was a success, right? Well, EN has upgraded the board and made it even better. So let's see what new part he includeed. First of all, a new color. I personally like more this blue color than the black one. As in the past project, we still have the input buck converter to obtain 5v for all the ICs. The plug is still the same and I think I speak for all when I say taht I was expecting a new type of DC plug. Still using the same OLED display as in the past project and same microcontroller, the ATMega328p-AU version. Now let's talk about the different parts of the new board.

To order your boards, use and select your color.

Most important improvement is the use of a new type of soldering iron tip. EN went with the T12 removeble model so in this way it is way easyer to remove it and change it. Also, this is a way better soldering tip than the one used in the first version.

In order to use the T12, he had to include on the PCB 3 fuse clips where the tip will be fixed on, two for power and the third one just for support. This main change affected the rest of the components. The T12 tip has the heating element and the thermocouple in series, so, measuring the temerature will be made using the same connectors used fot the supply of the tip.

Now, to measure temperature an OPAMP is needed connected to the power connectors of the tip that will detect the voltage difference created by the thermocouple. As extra parts, the board now has side buttons for the temperature set, a very small buzzer for sound notifications and a vibrations switch. This last component will be used to detect small vibrations when the iron is moved. That could be use to get out of sleep mode after the soldering iron was not used for a certain amount of time.

That's it, these are the main changes for this second version of the portable soldering iron by ELECTRONOOBS. We shoud stay tuned for next firmware update and test of this new board taht in my opinion, looks awesome.

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