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Blog#8 - TS100

Last tutorial - homemade soldering iron!
Check here my last tutorial. I hope that you will like it. Keep up you guys!

last tutorial

TS100 soldering iron
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I've got my new TS100 soldering iron and it is amazing. It arrives in this nice cardboard glossy box. Inside we have the main unit, a solderiong tip, manual, iron stand and the earth cable. You could power this iron with a battery or directly a power supply with voltages from 12 to 24 volts and you will have an output of up to 70W. After unbox, I've inserted the tip into the main unit, connected a 14V battery and power it on. Then after pressing one button, the temperature got up. I set the desired temperature and could start soldering...
Works like a charm. It can reach up to 450 degrees. But with 14V battery, the maximum power si lower. That's why I've connected 24V from my power supply. I'm amazed by the speed of this iron. Only a few seconds and it is hot enough to melt solder. Using the push buttons you can set your desired temperature very easy or put the iron into sleep mode.

I've open the main unit. It uses the STM32 microcontroller and a back to back MOSFET configuration to apply power to the heating element. The heater is inside the soldering tip which by the way it is very easy to change and also cheap. Inside the tip there is also the thermocouple in series so it could measure the real temperature. The main board also has an OLED screen and an accelerometer so it could detect movement or enter sleep mode if not. We can also see the main input plug whic is quite strong and a part of voltage regulation for 5V. The tip gets fit in place on some copper clips connectors and that's it. Quite simple but very powerfull.

If you want to see the video, check his page here.

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