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GRBL CNC - 3D Files
03/04/2022 | Views: 29969 | Arduino | by: ELECTRONOOBS      

Ok, it is time to assemble the machine. So, aside from the PCB we need the 3D printed files. There are a few parts and they were all printed with PLA material. For the cutter support, which is the one that will carry the knife, you need to use supports when printing. So, download my 3D files from below and print them like this. You could change the diameter of those two rolls to push harder on the paper if you want or as in my case, add some tape later on top of the rolls. The cutter support already has a shape for the 8mm smooth rod so se don't need linear bearings. The side case has screw holes for the PCB.

3D printed homemade CNC vinyl cutter CNC

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