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Smartglasses - GERBERs
10/04/2021 | Views: 25657 | Arduino | by: ELECTRONOOBS      

The PCB design is ready and looks quite good. So I download the GERBER file and go to which is the sponsor of my project. I select quote now., and by the way, if you create a new account, you get a 5 dollars coupon. I insert the width and height of my PCB and select a quantity of 10 PCBs which will cost me only 5 dollars plus shipping. I leave it at 2 layers and I select a black solder-mask. I click calculate. I select shipping to Spain and an e-packet shipping method. Then I save to cart. Here I click the “add gerber” button and select the GERBER file I’ve previously downloaded and you have that .zip file below. Once uploaded I click submit order and in just a few days I receive my PCBs from PCBWAY. I make a quick inspection and they all look quite well.

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