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Author Andrei
I'm a fan of Rick and Morty. This project is awesome. I found this on Instrucntables once again poste by JackSoldano and his project is really awesome. He made a 3D printed Rick and Morty portal gun. His post on Instructables will explain all the steps you will need to flow to build yourself a working portal gun like Ricks! for roughly £35! This project will have a working 4 Digit Seven Segment Display in Red, that display must be able to cycle through infinite dimensions and the key ones from the show! It must be able to fire the portal gun causing front panel to light up indicating portal generation! Portal Tube must be lit and it needs a self destruct button hidden in the handle! It will have some way of charging the gun without disabling the device and it must look like the portal gun!

We can see here the final design. As you can see it has the handle, the portal juice green tube, the buttons and everything. Tje project is printed with white PLA material and that's quide cheap. He designed the gun in Fusion 360 and he will also share allthe files so we could build this same project. We can see a USB charger there so we could just plug a USB cable adn charge back the batteries. By rotating the encoder, the display will go to each infinite versions of the universe.
The parts have all been designed with a 0.4mm tolerance to compensate for any 3D print inaccuracies (This is based on his experience with my printer). For the portal gun tube he used a Bubble Sword toy which had a diameter of roughly 27mm this is what the current 3D model has been designed for. If you have issues finding a similar part he could modify the .stl file for you!

As I am, he is also rally happy with how this project came out. He made a great job. JackSoldano said: "If you get around to making your own please send me photos, I would love to see how it worked out for everyone" so have that in mind. Also make sure you check the original post here and get the files, the scheamtic and all you need to make this same masterpiece. Wabalabadubdub and see you in the next post.

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