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Arduino watch
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Author: Andrei
Electronoobs made a new PCB and is presented as a development baord since it has all kind of components together with a microcontroller so we could use it for different examples. But one of those examples is a digital watch since the shape of the PCB is in a watch shape with spaces fro a watch belt.
The board has a lot of components such as a bluetooth module, an OLED display with a resolution of 128x64, charging circuit and protection for a 3.7V lipo battery with USB connector, real time clock chip with i2c communication, a buzzer connected to an analog output, LEDs, push buttons and more.

To order your boards, use and select your color.

Once you have the PCB and all components soldered, you could run all kind of example codes. Maybe a game using the push buttons and the screen, test the real time clock and learn more on how to use it, create a Bluetooth connection and receive or send data or, you could use the provided code from ELECTRONOOBS and create a simple watch.

This watch has a menu where you could set the day of the week and the date and it will be stored on to the RTC chip. That chip will also give you the temperature. On the menu you also have a stopwatch and you could set an alarm ant the buzzer will beep when the alarm time is reached. This example can also print unique made logos on the OLED screen and make you project look better.

Finally, after the code was uploaded, the battery connected and charged up, he also printed a crude 3D case for the watch. Using some nylon watch belts, he made a simple watch. In sleep mode, it draws very little current so it could last for days using a very small 100mAh lipo battery. Just plug the USB connector and chatge the battery till the blue LED will turn on for full battery.

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Blog#37 - Arduino watch

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