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Author: Andrei
Would you give it a ride? This is a homemade electric longboard, and to be honest, it has some serious power. Electronoobs posted a few weeks ago a tutorial on this project taht you could see here on this LINK. The project is made out of a commercial longboard but he added a huge brushless motor, an electronic speed controller, a huge battery pack and a radio control. With these elements we can make our own homemade electric longboard at home.
At the same time, to make it look better, he used 3D printed cases to place everything inside.

To order your boards, use and select your color.

The project needs two cases, one for the battery pack part and the other for the rest of the electronics. Using a metal bracket, the motor is fixed on to the longboard shaft and using a belt system, the torque is passed on to the wheel. This kind of motor beast needs a powerful ESC. He used a 120 racerstar ESC. The receiver will give a PWM signal but in order to haev its own personalized range and values, he first read that PWM signal with an Arduino and then maped the value and added a delay so the acceleration would be more smooth.

The battery pack is also homemade and we've seen that in a last tutorial on this LINK. It has a BMS charging sistem so the battery case has holes for a main swithc, charging plug and two wires that will go to the other case and power up the electronics.

Finally, both cases are screwed on to the longboard and they look quite good, right? The board has a main swithc that powers up everything but then it also has a push button that will power on the ESC. After that, turn on the radio transmitter and you are ready to ride it. It is very fast and has good power. It could easily ride a 100kg person.

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