DIY drone with eBay parts

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PART 4 - Baseflight configuration

Ok, is time to setup our configuration. First, solder together the BOOT pins on the board. Then connect the USB cable adn connect taht to the PC as well. Make sure it detects and install the needed drivers. Now go to google chrome and search baseflight or click this link. Install taht extension to your Chrome. Then open it and let's upload a firmware. make sure it detects the COM of your board. In the bottom right corner click firmware flash. Then check the no reboot sequence, do not verify and full chip erase options and click Load firmware (online) on the bottom right corner. Once the firmware was downlaoded click flash firmware. The board LEDs will flsh rapidly. Once you get the "OK" message, remove the USB and desolder the BOOT pats connection. Now the firmware is uploaded.

NAZE 32 baseflight flash firmware tutorial

Now connect back the USB and go to setup in baseflight. First click connect. Then, go to the configurtation tab and make sure you select the QUAD X type of drone. Then on the right side, if you're using PPM receiver, check the WEnable PPM input" option. Then click save and see the LEDs flashing again. Then go to the receiver tab and check if you receive the signals from the Radio. So tuen on the radio controller, make sure the reciever is connected to the flight board and see the values. You need at least 5 channels, 4 for movement and 1 to arm or disarm the motors.

NAZE 32 baseflight flash firmware tutorial

Now go into mode selection and select channel 5 to arm and disarm the motors. If you have more channels, select the mode of flight as well for horizontal, angle, or barometric sensor and click save. Now we are ready to go. You might need to calibrate the ESCs values so see this tutorial for that. Now we are ready to fly. Add the propellers but make sure you go outside. This might be dangerous. Add two CC and two CCW propellers. make sure they will push the air downwards. Now enable the radio controller, connect the battery to the drone, arm the motrs and go up. Is a bit tricky to fly...

homemade drone NAZE32 afroflight

PART 5 - See full video

See full video below for other visual details. Make sure you take distance from the drone. Calibrate the ESC, tight the propellers, charge the battery and check all connections before you fly. Go in open spaces and soft landing, maybe grass or so. I hope you like this tutorial. Subscribe and like. Thanks.

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