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Laser Power Meter - GERBERs
27/04/2024 | Views: 988 | Circuits | by: ELECTRONOOBS      

As you can see in the video, we use a Peltier cell to measure the heat difference between the cold and hot side. To compare the power of the laser, we need a heating resistor that will apply the same power, but a power that we could now measure (electrical). Fot that heating process we use my PCB desing. You must order it with Aluminum board instead of normal FR boards. Aluminum will transfer the heat a lot better.

Once you downloaded my GERBER files, go to and order the boards. Make sure that for material, instead of the comon FR-4, this time you select Aluminum and for the copper layer select all as "top side". For the controller PCB you can just order it as usual.

Schematic for the controller PCB

 schematic homemade laser power meter

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