Magic Wand - Components
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As I’ve told you, for the voltage multiplier I’ve made my own PCB and order it to PCBWAY. If you want the same PCB download the GERBER files from below for free and go to and here click the quote now button, select your settings for the thickness, amount of PCBs, color of the solder-mask and save to cart. We need a battery capable of delivering enough current. Together with the batteries we need a charging module so for that I have this 2S BMS charger. We need to connect 8.4V to this module and since I want to charge this with a USB connector I will also add a boost convertor module to rise the voltage from 5V to 8.4V. So we would have a series of the USB cable, USB connector, boost converter, the 2S BMS module and then the battery pack of 2 cells. Ok, so we now have the DC power source. Then we need a HV generator and the multiplier PCB.

part list high voltge generator wand homemade

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