Two Hand Multimeter - PCB
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Before we go over the code and all the modes, we need to assemble it. With help from PCBWAY I was able to improve my prototype getting better and better and this is the final PCB. As you can see, it is very, very small for a multimeter, measuring only 1 and a half cm wide. So guys, get the GERBER files for the PCB from below and then we go to our dear PCBWAY. We click the quote now button and insert the size of the PCB. I also select the amount of the PCBs and the color of the solder mask, red in my case. Save to cart and on the next page upload the GERBER files you’ve downloaded from my website in a zip format. make the payment and in under 5 minutes, the order process is done. The PCBs arrive to Spain in around 10 days and they look awesome, just as I wanted them to be. Ok, now we have the PCB and is time to assemble all the components. I’ve used a lot of 0402 components which are quite small and might be a bit difficult to solder, but with patience, everything can be done. You have the full part list and the values on the schematic above, so check it out and buy each separate component. You could download it for free, or, if you want to support my work, get them from my shop for a ver small donation :)

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