Filament from Bottle - PCB
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The stepper motor will be controlled with a stepper driver that goes on the PCB. If you want to try this same project, you can download my PCB for free and then order it to PCBWAY as well. Or if you want to support me you could also download it from my shop as a donation. So, download the GERBER files and go to There click the quote now button and select the PCB size, the amount of PCB and the solder mask color. Then click save to cart and on the next page click the upload button. There upload the GERBER file you’ve downloaded from my website. Wait a few moments for a PCBWAY engineer to confirm your files and then make the payment and receive the PCBs in a few days. The finish quality is great as always. I never had problems with my prototyping PCBs and for only 5 dollars I can test my projects over and over again till I have a final version that I like. Anyway, once you have the PCB you can try this same project, so let’s continue.

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