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Arduino Learner Kit
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Author Andrei

I found this another learning kit PCB on instructables and you ahve the full post by taifur here on this link. The board looks cool and has some decent modules. It is also open source so anyone could make it, so that's also cool. So, as taifur psoted, if you are a beginner in Arduino World and going to learn Arduino having some hands-on experience that Instructables of this Kit is for you. This Kit is also a good choice for the teachers who like to teach Arduino to their students in an easy way. The board has LEDs, buzzers, buttons and sensors such as the DHT11, temperature sensors and more. It has potentiometers for anlog input testing, PWM outputs with RGB leds for other examples, SPI comunication for 74HC595 Shift Register, DOT Matrix display with the MAX7219CNG, DS1307 real time clock with i2c communication...

The board also has GROVE GPS and Bluetooth Module with Arduino withj UART communication, 16 X 2 Character LCD display and other features. The Kit includes onboard 6 Green LED, 1 RGB LED, 1 Potentiometer, 1 LM35 Sensor, 1 DHT11 Sensor, 4 Button Switch, 4 Seven Segment Display, 1 8X8 Dot Matrix Display, 1 MAX7219CNG IC, 1 74HC595 Shift Register, 1 Buzzer, 1 16X2 LCD display, 1 DS1307 RTC, 3 Grove Universal Connector.

You could watch his video for the demo of what this board could do. Once you have the PCB, mounting all the modules and components is very easy. The design is also quite compact. The good part is that it is also open source so now anyone could make it and start learning.

Here you have the final PCB he made and oredred from PCB manufacturers. You have silklayer for all the components so you know where to palce each part. The size is not that big. Check his post if you want to see all the components, get the gerbers for the PCB and see the steps. So taht's it, I hope you like this PCb and maybe you will want to make one yourself.

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