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DIY NFC ring
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Author Andrei

Hmmm, another of those simple projects but noone was thinking about it. But it's a very interesting project. Imagien just paying anything with your hand. You can always wear this ring, it's small, looks cool and it will "save you time" so that's great. Also, you won't mind about living your wallet any more since you could always wear this ring. So, that's waht pockybum522 user made and posted on instructables. he made the 3D design of the ring and printed that using an SLA printer so it will have very good resolution. He removed the NFC chip form a credit card and planted that chip inside a transparent ring that looks cool.

So, let's see how he made it, how it works and see if you like the idea. It looks simple but making it also has some tricks.

Ok, so first the removed some of the plastic of the credit card. Then he submerged the bits with the chip in acetone. I guess the plastic is ABS so it will melt under acetone and it will leave just the chip. SO now he has the chip that was not damaged since the acetone won't affect the chip. We can see the connections and the chip on the photo and as you can see it is well protected. But this chip is missing something. In order to work, it needs a coil to send those NFC signals. The chip had those coils inside of the credit card but now he had to make other coils for the ring.

For that he used some thin copper wires that will be later wind around the ring and by that create a big coil. I doesn't need to be too big, the signal reception will be quite ok. So, he made the 3D printed ring and placed the coil with the chip over that.

Then, he placed the entire ring inside a mold and fill that with some transparent epox. That will keep everything inside the ring and also look nice and transparend so we could still se the ring. If you want to see more steps, just check the full link and the video for full process. Thanks pockybum522 for this cool project. Now we culd make cool and tech jewelry and use that to pay on contactless devices. Quite cool right?

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