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Workshop Table - Part 1
05/03/2021 | Views: 2905 | Robotics | by: ELECTRONOOBS      

I've made a new workshop table with metal bars, 3D printed joints and screws. The top part is amde out of MDF wood and I'm working on an automatic height adjustment with DC motors linear actuators and Arduino Control. That part will be made in a future video. Below you have the part list, the 3D files and the sizes I've used for my table.

Part 1 - What we need?

Linear Actuator:
homemade workshop table motorized height

PART 2 - Design

This is my design. The table is 2750mm wide, 850mm tall, and 810mm deep. Below you have the bars size we need and how manny of each. As you can se we need 3 bars of 2750mm, 2 of 1315mm, 5 of 810mm and 10 of 770mm.

homemade workshop table

PART 3 - Finished Design

homemade workshop table adjustable height

Part 4 - See full Video

If my videos help you, consider supporting my work on my PATREON or a donation on my PayPal. Thanks again and see you later guys.

18/12/2022 | Views: 2905 | Robotics | by: ELECTRONOOBS      

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