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Halloween Skull - 3D Files
23/10/2021 | Views: 7360 | Robotics | by: ELECTRONOOBS      

First of all, we need the 3D printed skull so download my designs from below and 3D print it. Is made out of 3 main parts. The jaw, the bottom part of the skull and the top part. You have to print all of the parts using supports because none of them is flat and they all have round shapes. Inside the skull we have a lot of support for the 3D printing process. Everything was printed with PLA material, 0.4mm nozzle and 0.2mm layer height and 20% infill and 2 perimeters. As you can see one was printed with two colors and that’s because while I was printing it, which by the way, it was around 30 hours of printing time, I was running out of grey filament so I had to pause the print and continue with gold color. We have to remove the supports. For the jaw and the top part of the skull, that was easy. But the middle part has a lot of supports. So carefully remove everything from the inside and all the small holes. It took me a while to get it all out. Anyway, now all parts are clean, more or less. Finally, you should sandpaper all the parts, especially where we had supports, so we had a smoother finish. I passed two levels of sandpaper and they look better now. In order to have the same color, I will use some spray paint and give it a few layers of paint. So apply one or more layers of paint. In the end, once the parts are fully dry I might use some acrylic paint and add some shadow and details. Let the paint dry and till then let’s see what else we need for this project.

3D printed skull for halloween real size

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