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Escaperoom Puzzle - Part list
20/02/2021 | Views: 8870 | Robotics | by: ELECTRONOOBS      

For this project I’ll use a 3D printed case which I will make it look cooler with some carbon fiber vinyl. We need a fingerprint sensor with UART communication, a big push button of any color, we need a key switch, a broken USB adaptor that is very cheap, an emergency switch, the NEXTION touchscreen display of 2.8", a DF player in order to play sounds, a micro SD card, a speaker. And for RGB colors we could add some WS 18 12 LED strip. To control everything I'll use an Arduino. Since I need more memory, I'll use an ARduino MEGA. To send the final data I will use an 433MHz radio mdoule but you could use a simple wire or any other radio mdoule. To supply this we could use a fixed supply, but in my case I want this to be portable so I’ll use a 4.2V battery. We also need 3 toggle switches. You have the connection schematic back on the tutorial page.

Arduino homemade escaperoom box puzzle

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