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3D Tiger 1

TIGER1 building

In the next table you can see the main parts of the 3D printed Tiger 1. Each of those main parts is composed by a lot of other parts. You can download all the STL parts in the downloading page. Extract the zip file and open each of the subfolders. You will find 5 parts. The main bottom base box, the top frame, the turret and cannon, the track system and finally a folder with all te remaining details.

Tiger 1 full body 1 PLA An example of the final full construction
Bottom base 1 wood Main bottom base. It's the only part made of wood.
Track system 1 PLA All the weels from the track system. All parts are printed separately
Top frame 1 PLA All the parts from the top frame. Print them separately. Some details are missing.
Turret and cannon 1 PLA All the turret and cannon files. There are more parts inside, be carefoul!
Details 1 PLA Some of the details files. There are a lot more!

Bottom base

We will start by mounting the bottom base. This part is made of wood because it has to be strong and it is very big to print. If you go to the Bottom base folder you will find all the dimensions that you need in order to cut some wood board. I've used a 3mm thick wood board. I've printed the dimensions image to some A4 papers and glue them to a wood board and start cutting.

Download the A3 diensions

Print the A4 or A3 paper. Glue it to the wood board and cut the parts and drill all the holes. You can also slice the "bottom base" stl part from the bottom base folder and print it one by one but that won't give you a strong base.

Add some wood cubes to ensure that you will have 90 degree angles between the glued parts and to make the case stronger. Once the glue is dry you can paint the case.

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