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USB 5V Charger and 10A Output BMS
1 year ago | Blogs | by: ELECTRONOOBS

How to make a USB charger for Li-Ion or Li-Po batteries of 4.2V but also have a 10A output protection BMS. 

I have a problem with this type of battery together with this charger. First of all, we have so many modules for power, we have BMSs, chargers, boost converters and so on, so which one to use? But these two together (TP4056 + 180650 battery), I use them all the time for my homemade projects and they work great together providing steady voltage and protection and I already have an awesome project on how to make such a charger with a boosted output as well. Anyway, the problem that I’m having is the current output. You see, these batteries which are lithium ion batteries of 4.2V, they could easily deliver more than 10 amps of current. But when used with a protection charger module like this one based on the TP40 56, the current output is limited at 2 amps which is not enough for a lot of my projects. And what if I want to use two batteries in series and I still want to charge them using a USB connector? That’s another problem.  So in this video I will study what options we have to get a USB charger, battery protection but also a decent current output at the same time. I will show you different modules, BMSs, chargers and what NOT to do. So guys, let’s get started. 

So, we need to select other MOSFETs than the ones the module is using. Actually, the small 1S BMS also has the DW01 IC but it uses two bigger MOSFETs, So we can use the same for our PCB. Basically we get the TP4056, we add the DW01 and we change the MSOFETs to withstand 10 amps. I finally made this schematic. I’ve passed to PCB and this would be the final design. I haven’t received the boards yet but you could use this design if you want. The links for the GERBERs files are below on I don’t know why I can’t find such a design online already. It seems like such a good idea, right? 

1 year ago | Blogs | by: ELECTRONOOBS

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