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Cut 20mm wood with ORTUR Laser CNC
2 years ago | Blogs | by: ELECTRONOOBS

What’s up my friends, welcome back. Today I have yet another laser engraver into my workshop so let’s check out the new ORTUR Laser Master 3 . Let’s start with what you receive inside the box and that should be quite quick. 

Basically you get the frame made out of 5 metal parts. These have a great design by the way. Then you get the laser module. Together with these you get a manual, wires, connectors and nuts, belts and some tools together with some safety glasses. Obviously, you also get a beefy power supply to go with the machine. This supply is 24V. That’s basically all you receive when you buy this machine. 

Using  the QR code you get some very easy instructions. The manual is very complete with all the steps and with great illustrations. Assembling this machine only took me a few minutes. Is pretty straight forward. Pass some belts, join the metal sides together, insert the moving axis and add the screws. The pieces lock in very well so it will be a perfect square. Finally connect the belts, which is also very easy.  

So guys, that’s pretty much it. Parts I like, well, the frame and the entire design are awesome and the power is even more than that. I was quite amazed I was able to cut through that thickness. I also love the laser precision and small spot. I like the easy mode for the roller option , just plug in the wire and start engraving. I also like the huge area and safety features.

One part I don’t like is that it doesn’t have any tall leg supports for printing taller parts. You always have to add something below, but is not that big of a problem. You can always find something to put below, right? 

I hope this video gives you an idea about this product in case you want to buy one. You have the links below. Thanks again and see you later guys.

2 years ago | Blogs | by: ELECTRONOOBS

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