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03/04/2022 | Views: 31490 | Arduino | by: ELECTRONOOBS      

For this project I’ve made this PCB and you can get my GERBER files from below or as a donation, buy them from my shop. This would actually adapt to any kind of CNC machine of 3 axis, because is made to be compatible with the GRBL platform. As you can see, the design is made to work with an Arduino NANO and 3 step motor drivers, one for each axis. The board also has pin outputs for the motor, for spindle control and end stop switches. So if you want to make a different CNC machine, you can use this PCB as well. For that go below and download my GERBER files that I’m sharing for free. Or as I said before, to support my work, you can also buy them from my website just as a simple donation.

Then go to PCBWAY and click the quote now button. In my case I insert the size of my PCB of 80 by 58mm and then I select 5 PCBs. I chose the black color and I save to cart. On the next page click the upload button and select the zip file with the gerbers that you have just downloaded from below. Wait for confirmation, make the payment and receive these awesome PCBs in just a few days. As always I receive them well secured inside some vacuum plastic protection. PCBWAY did a pretty good job and everything seems to be correct. Is time to add the components.

GBRL PCB download gerbers free

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