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How To Make FlappyBird C++
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Author Andrei

I'm quite sure we all know the flappy bird game. It was a total success a few years back on all our smartphones. The game consists into flying a jumppy bird between some tubes without touching those tubes. Now you could download and play that game as an App on your smartphone, or just make your own game, that's exaclty what 12 year old kit Savva Osipov made. He has grown so far up hearing tales of the old Soviet Union from his father, including about the gadgets and technology that was then available. One particular device that caught his attention is the “Nu, pogodi!” portable game that his dad saved from that time. This inspired him to build another simple handheld, a Flappy Bird console, running on an Arduino Nano.

The project’s software is based on code by Themistokle Benetatos, and he designed and 3D-printed a custom case to tie all the necessary game elements (Arduino, screen, battery, speaker, button, etc.) together. We can see in the picture above that inside the case there are a lot of wires, connections, a display and a rechargable battery. To jump and control the game we have to use that push button. The case is printed using PLA material and he is the one who designed it as well. On the upper side of the case there are some plugs to program once again the microcontroller or to charge back the battery. There is also an on and off sliding switch.

Playing the game is easy, but the more you play the better you will get. Just push that button and jump without touching the green metal tubes. He is providing the code and the STL fines and in his video he shows us how to make this awesome project.

Remember, he was just 12 when he made this project. So guys, please check his video for more details. I hope you will like this project as I do. Is simple to make but for such a young boy this is amazing. If he cans, you could too so just start your own projects and by taht learn more about electronics.

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