Escaperoom Puzzle - 3D Files
20/02/2021 | Views: 5820 | Robotics | by: ELECTRONOOBS      

We start by preparing the 3D case. So go below and dwonlaod all the 3D STL files. Print them without support with 3 perimeters, 0.2mm layer height and 15% infill. Also print the covers for the toggle switches and I've printed the side rectangle part with the ASUS ROG logo because I'll give this case to my brother to use it with his PC. So get the case and the carbon fiber vinyl. Measure it and cut it to size more or less. Glue the vinyl and make sure is well stretched. Then flip the case and cut the excess to size. Also cut the holes for the screen adn buttons. Now the case looks a lot better. We could now add the buttons.

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