Magic Wand - GERBERs
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If you want the same PCB download the GERBER files from below for free and go to and here click the quote now button. Select your settings for the thickness, amount of PCBs, color of the solder-mask and save to cart. On the next page upload the GERBER files and make the order. Receive the PCBs in a few days. In my case I’ve made this PCB that could have 7 stages so we double the voltage 7 times. So, let’s say that the transformer is outputting 10.000V peak to peak. At the output of the 7-stage multiplier, we would have 140.000 volts, more or less. I could also join two of these PCBs in series and have a 14 stages multiplier. To make the multipliers we need high voltage capacitors and high voltage diodes. These are 15 KV capacitors of 330pF. And these here are 10KV diodes. All we have to do is to follow the silk-layer on the PCB and assemble the multiplier.

GEBRER PCB download high voltge multiplier

homemade high voltage generator

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