PCBWay 6th Anniversary
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Their rapid development is inseparable from the long-term support and company of all of you PCBWayers. They really appreciate it and now they want to hear your voices! Want to win a prize?


1. You can share your blessings or story with PCBWay in the video. The duration of the video is better longer than 20 seconds.
2. Deadline for submitting video link: August 15
3. Evaluation: Top 3 "Likes" win
4. Winner announcement: September 1
5. Every participant publishing a video that is adopted successfully will receive 500 - 1,000 Beans.

So, if you ahve a nice PCB project you can go HERE and just submit your video, get votes and be able to win a prize. Sharing the post with your friends will increase your chance to win. Good pictures of your PCB will also help.

Also, to welcome their 6th Anniversary which they have gone through, the following benefits will be given back to their customers who have been continuous supported them:

1st: everyone can claim together 410 USD Cash Coupon for later order use( Valid: 2 months)
2nd: Lucky Draw: Free your Order + PCBWay Gadget
3rd: Up to 50% off for PCB orders.
4th: Grand Coupons after placing orders( Rule: Every paid amount of $100, you can get a $10 coupon. On this basis, $200 get a $20 coupon, $300 get a $30 coupon, $800 get a $80 coupon, $1,000 get a $100 coupon.)
5th: Win PCBWay Gift Bags by sharing your stories with PCBWay.
6th: Win PCBWay Gift Bags by following us on TIktok 

I'm quite sure that you have a good PCB design adn that you are a good designer. So, imagine that you manufacture your PCB but also win a prize. PCBway can handle 2, 4 or 6 layer PCBs, or even flexible PCBs and other services. So, make sure you contact them if you need PCBs and then post your results and win a prize. More HERE on their site. Are you a PCBWayer?

So, what is your project? Comment below!

7 months ago | Blogs | by: ELECTRONOOBS

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