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OPEN Power - Breadboard power supply
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Author Andrei

This is a gread project made by John Loeffer and psoted for the hackaday prize. This is a cool breadbaord power supply with different voltage values and more cool stuff. John: "Open Power is about providing Makers, Students, and Hobbyist with a Portable, Versatile Intuitive and Cheap power supply for all their projects".
Prototype 1: Simple and Cheap Constant Voltage/ Constant Current Power Supply variable from 0.6V to 12V with led voltage indication. USB Load sharing powered and Lipo backup. (cost under $3.25)
Prototype 2: A Constant Voltage Constant Current Power Supply 0.6V to 12V In addition to an adjustable Negative Rail. Voltage and current Monitoring Provided by a OLED Display. (cost estimate under $6.50).

Prototype 3: Utilizes a Boost Inverting IC to get +-13V and LDO's to Reduce the voltage between 0 and 12V. Both +- Rail Voltage Current and Power will Be displayed on a Full Color LED Display. and SD card for power Tracking and oscilloscope/Logic analyzer (cost estimate under $20.50)

The goal of Open Power is not to replace the desktop power supply or oscilloscope but to provide an entry level experience for all. The goals of OPEN Power is to produce 3 final Prototypes. All Power Supplies will have USB Charging of Lithium polymer batteries and a Load Sharing and Uninterruptible power when disconnected.

So, a simple Constant voltage Power Supply Variable from 0.6V to 12V. Will Include 5V and 3V Rails. Voltage indicator will be achieved using comparators and LED Array. This was chosen to reduce cost as much as possible and keep each board with components under $2.75. See full project here.

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