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Light Switch with ESP8266
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Author Andrei

I found another cool project for IoT and made with the ESP8266 by mcmchris on Instructables. That post is a tutorial where you will learn how to build your own light switch and fan dimmer in just one board with the microcontroller and WiFi module ESP8266. So, a great project for IoT. be careful, this circuit handles AC main voltages. The crator posted a video tutorial that shows you the whole process.

In the same post, he is sharing all you need to build this. The schematic, the PCB GERBERs, the parts such as resistors, capacitors, modules, etc and also the code that he will use. All you have to do is to downlaod the PCB, manufacture it, solder the components and test how it works and control your light and AC fan from the internet.

The steps to program this are very easy. Connect the ESP Programmer to your PC. Connect your ESP8266 to theProgrammer. Then you can Download the Code and Libraries from his post here. Select the board: Generic ESP8266 Module. Select the right COM port. Fill the Blanks (Ubidots TOKEN, WiFi SSID, WiFI PASS). Click on Upload button. You should be ready to test.

Then you we need an Ubidots account so create one. Create a Device called dimmer for example. Create two variables bombillo and ventilador that we will control later. Click on Data and create a new Dashboard called as you want. Add two widgets a button and slider associated to the device and variable. Resize your widgets and that's it.

After everything is in place correctly, turn on the supply of your house and test. Just need to say "Ok, Google" and the statements you had stablished and ready, or just go to Ubidots App on your phone or PC and swipe the slider and push the button. See full tutorial on this post.

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