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The Omni multimachine
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Author Andrei
We've seen a lot of CNC machines on this website as well. A CNC machine is computer numerical control and is the automated control of machining tools (drills, boring tools, lathes) and 3D printers by means of a computer. This project was psoted on hackaday and you can see more on this link here. So, why is this CNC different? Well the omni multimachine is conceived to combine several useful operations from a single design machine capable of cutting materials to size , engraving them and routing them for instant placement into a design for rapid prototyping.

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The machine shape is basic and it will look as many other. As other CNC machines, it is a 3 axis setup with a long x and y and a moderately short z. All major components including gantry type z overhead axis are 3D printed so it can be scaled up and using very standard parts throughout. Everything on the mechanical side can be bought from a hardware store. The steppers and leadscrews from ebay of course. Nothing is expensive and nothing is particularly hard to come by. The machine can have a laser engraver, or if powerful enough, it could even cut cardboard, thin wood, etc.

Later, the machine will have a vinyl pen knife as an additional accessory which cuts sign vinyl(sticky backed) just perfect. The creator said "This was an easy thing to make just using a servo for pen blade direction".

The machine also features a small onboard joystick to execute jogs and a port for a large analog joystick used for freehand cutting and slicing of material. It is good for ripping strips of material up or just making some nice graphics in wood, plastic and paper. He also designed a few PCBs for this project to make it better and witha a professional look.

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