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Electric bike speed controller
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Author: Andrei
DIY King YouTube channel is working on a DIY electric bike project. They have the mechanical part and a homemade battery already made. The thing is that usually electrik bike or skateboards are working with brushless motors ant those need an ESC or electronic speed controller with triple phase output. In this case, for their project they are using a DC brushed motor. To control the power for this kind of motor you need a PWM power controller and with this circuit you can control the speed. So, since the battery goes up to 84V and the motor is quite big, they designed a powerfull PWM power contoller for this project. This is the board they've made.

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They've designed the layout of the PCB and order the boards plus all the required components. To create a PWM signal the circuit is using the 555 timer and some other extra components and using the potentiometer the width of this PWM signal could be changed and by that the mean of power applied to the load. To switch on adn off the output we need MOSFETS. They've used 5 MOSFETS in order to get decent power.

Once they had all the components, they've started soldering first the logic part with the timer and drivers and then the big MOSFETs. To keep these cool, they've bent the pins of the MOSFETS and palce a heat dissipator on top of that.

Also, on top of the heat dissipator there is a fan to keep everything cool. At the output we have also some huge capacitors so the signal is more smooth and we have no peaks when the loat, in thisc ase the motor, needs more current.

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