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Open source ESC board
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ELECTRONOOBS here with a new post. I will soon release the full tutorial on this board as well so stay tuned to my YouTube channel. So, this is my new board design for an open source ESC that is based on the ATmega328 chip. That is the same chip the Arduino is using. So the board is programmed in Arduino and the code is working quite well. I'm quite happy with the results and also proud. It can reach high speeds, the BEMF detection is working very well, it has a PWM input to control the speed and also a configuration mode where you could set the input PWM range in microseconds.

And if you want to order your own boards, use and select your color.

As I said before, the board is using the ATMega328 chip to make all the processes. We can program this chip using a USB connector that the baord has and an FTDI IC, the CH340. The board has MOSFET dual drivers to switch the gate of 6 MOSFETs that will control the triple phase output of the ESC. To control the switching sequence, the code is uning BEMF or back electromitive force detection whcih consists in detecting the voltage on the colis and by that know the position of the rotor. This is a sensorless controller. The control works quite good and I could get to very high speed.

The board is controlled with PWM signal witha range usually between 1000 and 2000us. But you could change this range in the configuration mode. When you start the ESC if the PWM input is higher than lets say 1115us, it will enter config mode.

So, stay tuned for the full project. I will share these boards, the code you need and the schematic so you could build this ESC yourself if you want. I hope that you like my work and the design of these boards. They look quite good and are also small, only 60 by 35mm.

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Blog#54 - Open source ESC

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