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Class-D amplifier
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Author: Andrei
Class D amplifiers, first proposed in 1958, have become increasingly popular in recent years. In a conventional transistor amplifier, the output stage contains transistors that supply the instantaneous continuous output current. The many possible implementations for audio systems include Classes A, AB, and B. Compared with Class D designs, the output-stage power dissipation is large in even the most efficient linear output stages. This difference gives Class D significant advantages in many applications because the lower power dissipation produces less heat, saves circuit board space and cost, and extends battery life in portable systems.

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Wahyu Eko Romadhon YouTube channel show us his own design of a PCB for a class D amplifier. He show us how he made a super power amplifier class-d D4K5 with 6x N-Channel Mosfet final transistor, and how to make the coil core for LPF stage class-D Amp. Power Output 1000W upto 2000W with compatible power supply.

We can first see the PCB he ordered from JLCPCB. We give a quick inspection at this 23 by 8.5cm board. He starts by soldering all small components such as resistors and small capacitors. Then he adds the big capacittors, both polarized and non-polarized. After that, on the bottom side he solders 6 power mosfets that will do the amplifing process. Another step is calculating and placing the coil and adding thre logic ICs.

Finally, when the small components, the logic ICs, the MOSFETs and the coil is palced, he gives us a test using a double polarity AC power supply of 90 and -90 volts. The board is very powerfull, up to 2000W he says. It also looks nice, a pretty decent design. To keep the MOSFETs cool on the bottom side there is a huge heat dissipator for the entire board. See more on his channel. Thanks!

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