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3D printed hovercraft
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Author: Andrei
What is a hovercraft? Hovercraft, also known as an air-cushion vehicle or ACV, is an amphibious craft capable of travelling over land, water, mud, ice, and other surfaces .Hovercraft use blowers to produce a large volume of air below the hull (air cushion) that is slightly above atmospheric pressure. How To Mechatronics YouTube channel presented his work on such a craft that was 3D printed and wotrks with Arduino and it is radio controlled. He designed all the parts, shares the schematic for the transmitter and receiver, explains how it works and all we nned in order to make one. Check full vifeo for more.

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An Arduino Uno along with an nRF24L01 module are employed for control, and as demonstrated in the video, it slides across a basketball court with the greatest of ease! To propulsate forward and to create the air surface below the craft, it uwes two brushless DC motors that can spin at very high speeds. The body is made out PLA material and seems to be quite strong.

To send and receive data a power amplified NRF24 module is used. To stear left and right, a servo motor will move the actuator on the back of the brushless motor and by that push the air to one side or the other. The entire circuit is powered by a big lipo battery.

If you want to see more check original video here on How To Mechatronics YouTube channel. He will provide you all you need to build something like this. Alos the board for the transmitter that he also designed.

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