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Multifunctional arduino device
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Author: Andrei
What can you do with an Arduino? Well, check this original post to see more.
Multidruino is multifunctional arduino based device than can be used as multimeter, game console, components tester, alarm clock, calculator, mini pc, music player and much more. You can use it for making and playing games. You can make little aps like calculator or drawing program. You can coonect various sensors to it. Posibiltieas are great for this little device. you just need idea. On this site you can find many examples for this device.

To order your boards, use and select your color.

In the original sketch for multiarduino you have a few example for this board. You can change modes with midle button on the device. To use it you will need to install ch340 driver and all libraries.

What is included in this sketch? - analog read monitor
- ohm meter
- diode drop voltage meter
- continuity test
- battery status(voltage)
- pwm (for diming LED or control DC motor)
- temperature read?

For more, check Volos Projects YouTube channel and see more about this board. He started with a basic homemade board that also had a temperature sensor. Then he made a more profesional board and order that to a manufacturer. I hope you see this as an interesting project.

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